HI! My name is Naphtali, most of my friends call me Naph. I love photography – capturing life and finding the beauty in unexpected places. I love the freedom to express the way I see life through my own unique perspective. I’m just now able to say that I am an amateur photographer – a big step for me as I used to just say “I like to take pictures, that is all”. I have an artist heart and soul, but at times let my fears hold me back from the freedom that comes from true self-expression. For a long time I buried my passion for art and photography believing the lies that I am not good enough, I have no talent. The last few years have helped me to reclaim that part of myself and to hear the truth louder than the lies. I broke free and took a leap of faith – I took a photography class! I LOVED it! Each skill I learned I was able to gain a little bit of my confidence back, a little bit of me back – was able to believe that I can do this. That was just over a year ago and since then I have taken a handful of classes whenever I can fit them into my schedule. I am still learning and growing as a photographer and as a person – and I love it! It’s hard sometimes, it is messy and scary putting yourself out there and trying something new – but the payoff is worth it!

Aside from photography I am passionate about people! I have been given a burden to reach out to women experiencing brokenness – not able to see their own self-worth. At first I thought what could I possibly do to help? I’m not the right person to help, I don’t have any of the right qualifications to work with women in crisis…I can’t. But you see, the funny thing about burdens is, they don’t go away. So I accepted that calling and have worked in lots of jobs in the helping field with marginalized and hurting women & children. It has not been easy and at times been unbearably painful, but always worth it – always worth the time and pain it takes to help someone see their own self-worth & dignity. It also teaches me so much about myself and has been really transformational! Now I work with an amazing non-profit organization – who help women & their children escape sexual-exploitation and human trafficking.

A few other things about me – I am a HUGE Vancouver Canucks fan! Seriously I love hockey and not only watch all the games but understand the game – I was miserable during the NHL lock-out period let me tell you. I would die without music or chocolate – obviously have a little flair for the dramatic – but seriously don’t withhold the chocolate or take away my tunes and we’ll get along just fine 🙂 . I live for moments with friends and family – they keep me grounded and help me stay true to myself. I am an adventurer and LOVE travelling & exploring new places and cultures. I believe that laughter is the best medicine, but that God is the ultimate healer and He loves you! Without God in my life I would have nothing – He has helped me get through some of the hardest experiences of my life so far.

My blog is all about life – capturing it in my lens, learning from it one experience at a time, and sharing it with you! As you travel with me on the journey we call life, I hope you not only benefit from my thoughts, reflections and photography but that you will also share your experiences through comments and reblogging my posts. Welcome to Picture This My Way. It will be as good as you make it!



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