23 Things

23 Things is a page devoted to DREAMS. It is place where I can set personal goals for myself each year and work towards accomplishing them over the course of a year. Where I can dream big and challenge myself. I chose to work on 23 Things because I like the number 23 – really that’s kind of it, I wish there was a better more thought out reason but there is not 🙂 . I hope this space inspires you to create your own list and to make dreams for yourself.

One of my all time fave quotes!

One of my all time fave quotes!

My 23 Things for 2014:

Last year I worked on accomplishing all 23 of my dreams & wishes before my next birthday – well my birthday has come and passed & obviously I didn’t finish all of my goals, but that is OK because I did accomplish some! So decided to continue my list from last year and add new dreams.

1. Focus on my FEARLESS Project and trusting God more!

2. Continue to work on developing my Blog and making it an AWESOME space!

3.  Knit something pretty (Other than a scarf! The only thing I know how to make!)

4. Read ‘Les Misérables’ OR Participate in a Book Club for one Month

5. Complete a sewing project – BUT FIRST Get my sewing machine REPAIRED!

6. Train for and run in a 1/2 marathon – I’m registered to do the I Stop Traffick Run May 31st! It’s a 5km Run to support the SA Foundation

7. Shoot more film photography – This is still one of my BIGGEST dreams – I want to learn how to develop film and just shoot more with film because it has such a magical quality about it. So I’m going to take a Dark Room class this fall! SO EXCITED!!

8. Buy an old piece of furniture and refurbish it (I’ve always wanted to do this!)

9. BE MORE CREATIVE! Paint or sketch a picture do more Creative Collection Challenges!

10. Work on FITNESS! Try a kick boxing class & Practice Yoga more regularly

11. Learn how to make tamales

12. Try light-painting photography

13. Work on developing my Jewelry Design Skills – just to create because it makes me happy!

14. Learn how to play a song on the guitar

15. Learn how to Make Star Trails and then go out and MAKE THEM!!

16. Travel MORE – even just a weekend get away with friends!

17. Write a Story from start to finish! I love creative writing but rarely start or finish my ideas – I have a whole notebook dedicated to characters and plots…time to try and create one of them and see what happens.

18. Go Paddle Boarding this SUMMER!

19. Be more intentional in my relationships! Make time with friends a priority & make some new friends – you can never have too many right ? 🙂

20. PRAY more – continue my prayer journal and make prayer time a priority

21. Learn how to use my drawing tablet in Photoshop

22. Make Photography a priority! I am so much happier when I’m behind my lens more often – just get out there and shoot more – with friends, a meet-up group or on my own.

23. Be a part of a photo shoot – to take some of the shots and gain from the experience of working with a creative team.

My 23 Things from 2013:

I saw this on another blog – It’sHardToDance – and fell in love with the idea! It’s a ‘bucket list’ of sorts – you make a list of things you would like to accomplish before your next birthday. I decided to pick 23 things (just to be random!)- it’s fun to dream of all the things I want to do and try! I have always loved making lists – I love the sense of satisfaction I get when I can cross something off finished, a sense of freedom and motivation to continue on to the next task. So this idea of a list of things I want to do for me over the next year is very appealing! I feel empowered, inspired and excited to begin working on my list – I feel like it will really enrich this next year and give me a sense of purpose personally. I hope it inspires you to make your own list just for you 🙂 You could also share it with those of us who read this blog. Just post a comment about your own list!!

1.  Continue my blog – developing it and writing each week

2.  Learn how to use Photoshop – Taking a class right now! Stay tuned for how it goes!

3.  Take a street photography class – Completed – First Assignment; People & Their Pets; Urban Utopia; I Want to Ride My Bicycle

4.  Knit something pretty (Other than a scarf! The only thing I know how to make!)

5.  Take a dance class

6.  Read ‘Les Misérables’

7.  Complete a sewing project

8.  Train for and run in a 1/2 marathon – Training right now 🙂

9.  Shoot more film photography

10.  Go on a road tripTo Northern Alberta

11.  Start making my own jewelry to sell

12.  Enter a Photography ContestCapture the Colour 2013 Photo Contest

13.  Buy an old piece of furniture and refurbish it (I’ve always wanted to do this!)

14.  Take a lighting class – Completed! Fist 2 assignments; Learning to SEE the Light

15.  Try a kick boxing class

16.  Practice Yoga more regularly

17.  Paint a picture

18.  Keep a prayer journal

19.  Learn how to make tamales

20.  Get better at doing portrait sessions – Taking a Basic People Photography class right NOW! Stay tuned for posts on how it goes!

21.  Learn how to play a song on the guitar

22.  Try light-painting photography

23.  Finish my Formation of Servants Steps 6 & 7 (12 Steps for Christians)


5 thoughts on “23 Things

    • Thanks Rachie! It’s going we’ll I actually have to update it as I’m doing several of the things on my list now! Thanks for the inspiration 😊

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  2. You have got a really cool list there. I also have always wanted to do something like this but never got around to actually doing it. Love the training for 1/2 marathon idea. I am also trying to get my lazy ass into start training. Soon. Good luck with the list. Hope you achieve all by your next b’day 🙂

    • Thanks Amy! You should make a list – it’s fun and motivating once you put it out there! I have to admit though the training hasn’t been easy – I really struggle with that goal – I’m lazy too!! 🙂

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