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Fuzel Collage

This month I thought I’d do my iClick feature on an amazing little app called Fuzel Collage – where you can collage to your heart’s content! This app has it all – great filters, fun stickers, awesome frames, & some sweet labels – plus you can make your collage animated! It is definitely becoming one of my favorite apps for creating collages – as the possibilities are endless.

One the many things I love about this app is how easy it is to use! You simply choose the images you want to put into your collage and decide what kind of template you want to use – animated, simple, funky or free form (where you create your own!). If you go with animated you have the option to add music – and the best part is you can choose from your own iTunes account!! This makes all the difference :).

Let’s Talk Features:

Once you choose your template you can adjust each image so it sits how you want it to, and then the fun really begins. First you can add effects, which are basically filters, to each image individually – so you have complete creative control! The next step is choosing a frame to enhance your collage – there are several basic ones you can use or you can choose to download some of their featured collections – which is what I generally do as there are way more options. Once you have the frame you want you can add some fun to your collage with stickers, labels and/or text – you can add as much or as little as want. There are again some great free options and then you have the choice to download some of their new collections which change weekly – so that is pretty awesome! When you feel like your collage is as awesome as it can get you then can share it with the world 🙂

Another interesting feature of the Fuzel Collage app is that it operates in app purchases a little differently – you download featured collections by using a credit system. You start with limited number of credits for joining and then have the option to purchase more credits OR, and this is the best part of all you can earn free credits! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Here are a few of my favorite collages:

This one I did for work 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite animated collages:

This one I did for work 🙂

I hope that you’ll give this app a try! Oh and did I mention that it is a FREE app? Because it is :). If you’re not an iPhone person you’ll be happy to know that Fuzel is in the beta testing phase for Androids.

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