Picture This: Photo Shoot for a Cause (Round 2)

Everyone working hard for the cause behind Global Wonders!

Everyone working hard for the cause behind Global Wonders!

A few of you may remember from a while back an organization that I support had its first photo-shoot to promote Global Wonders Jewelry – and it was an incredible experience! I was so blessed to work with such an incredibly talented group of women who were as passionate about the purpose behind the jewelry as they were about the jewelry itself! The role of Global Wonders jewelry is to provide job skills training & employment to young women who have escaped and are recovering from human trafficking – but it goes beyond just a job and just a piece of jewelry – it helps to restore dignity and renew hope. All the pieces are handmade in Nepal and 100% of the net proceeds go back into the recovery programs of the SA Foundation. You can read about last year’s shoot here: “Photo-shoot for a Cause”

Well this year we were able to get the same team of crazy talented women to come together again for a second shoot! We were also able to add a few additions to the team to make it an even bigger powerhouse of a crew! Our amazing group of volunteers included: photographer and photo-shoot coordinator extraordinaire Sandra Leung of Yaletown Photography & Wedding Gallery, hair stylist and creative genius Mona Leung of Markus J. Hair & Well-being,  the incredible make-up artist and I really do mean ARTIST Margaret Lai of Margaret Lai Make-up & Hair, the crazy talented videographer Nouver Chen of Wakefield Productions, our amazing wardrobe stylist/consultant Kendra Weiss, we were also able to get ALL our incredibly gorgeous wardrobe pieces from Fine Finds Boutique in Yaletown, and lastly bust certainly not least in any way the two lovely models – Marie V. Sharp & Sydney Doberstein! HUGE HUGE THANK-YOU’S to you all for your incredible work that day! You all worked tirelessly and gave it your everything – I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to work with!

I’m so proud of the work we did on the shoot and of the new jewelry collection for the Fall/Winter 2014 – it’s fresh and has a little something for everyone. This year they are introducing a new Urban Line of jewelry to the collection and wanted to promote it in a new way and have it a bit separate from the usual semi-precious stone jewelry. So it was decided to shoot most of the key pieces in Gastown – there is so much character and funk there it was hard keeping the shoot location time to just 2(ish) hours! I hope you enjoyed these behind the scene shots from the day – all were taken on my iPhone 5 and edited with Little Moments App.

If you ever want to do a photo-shoot or get involved just know there is a ton of work that goes into one before you even begin to shoot! This year I was a bit more involved in the creative process from start to finish which was fun! I was not able to shoot with my camera as I was wearing too many hats that day – wardrobe & jewelry styling, water girl, time management and assistant to Sandra – but I learned a LOT! Here are a few things I’ve learned to be helpful:

1) Choose your theme – what is it that you want to photograph & why? I always create a style board on Pinterest and then create a “concept board” of sorts in my studio for what my vision is for the shoot – for each look I find images or ideas that fit that theme & inspire me.

2) Location LOCATION location – look for one that will suit your theme(s) and provide multiple shooting options. Go and scout out your potential locations – check for what time of day has the best lighting. If you are wanted to do multiple locations test the best routes to get there and note how long it takes to get from one to the other – this will help your time management a LOT!

3) Find a good model – someone that you know you can work well with and you can give direction to. Friends & family are great places to start at the beginning!

4) PROPS – start looking for any kind of props or wardrobe styling that you may need for your shoot that fit your theme. It is good to bring a variety so you can have the freedom to change your mind on the day – just keep in mind you’re the one carrying everything!

5) If you are planning on having hair & make-up artists involved (which makes a huge difference!) then you need to coordinate with them and share your vision for the shoot and provide them with an itinerary (all estimated time frames – make sure everyone involved is flexible!).

6) Make sure that you keep your goals realistic and don’t bite off more than you can chew! It’s easy to get carried away and I am the first one to admit that I do this all the time – I generally try to “go big or go home” – but honestly the KISS philosophy is much wiser: “Keep It Simple Silly”!

7) ENJOY – Once you’re there and shooting just have fun! Look for creative ways to change up the look or add to your theme – be open to whatever possibilities arise!


Concept board

I hope this is helpful advice! Anyone have anything to add? What are your photoshoot tips & tricks? Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to go check out the new Fall/Winter 2014 Global Wonders Collection – it will be debuting Monday September 22! You can visit the Global Wonders Facebook page to see more behind the scenes action and sneak peeks before the launch date!






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