Chalk it up to Humanity – WPC

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is “Humanity. A very open challenge to be interpreted however you see fit – as long as it speaks to “the condition of being human”. I love this challenge – I love the idea of not just looking at your subject as something interesting to photograph, but as a fellow human – the goal to show their “humanness”. This past weekend I found myself in Victoria, a gorgeous city found on Vancouver Island, and while there I happened upon a huge gathering of chalk artists. These amazingly talented people came from all over the world – some from the United States and some from overseas! Just to express themselves through chalk – to share their “humanness” with others who would embrace it and share theirs with them as well! I was blown away by the talent and the complexity of chalk art – while I’ve always admired it and appreciated its artistic characteristics I never watched it being done so closely before. It is really quite beautiful! I love the human quality of expressing and sharing ourselves through artistic expression – this form of communicating crosses borders and cultures creating a universal language that we all seem to understand. That we are but human.

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure you go check out what everyone else thought about “humanity“!



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