iClick with Little Moments App


Welcome to iClick – a monthly feature on all things iPhoneography! For my first feature I thought I’d share about one of my newly acquired apps and one that is fast becoming my fave – it’s called Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim. I am so in LOVE with this app for a million reasons. I first discovered this app when I was searching for a new monthly photo-a-day challenge for August – I happened upon Chantelle’s blog Fat Mum Slim as she does a new challenge each month! It is a great blog so I encourage you to check it out. While I was drooling over her blog I noticed that she had an app and from there I was hooked!

This app not only edits your photos but it also has a built in Photo-A-Day Challenge prompt – it can give you a daily reminder for the photo-a-day challenges. Easy as and perfect if you are as forgetful as I am! AND it will also insert the day’s challenge & #’s right into Instagram for you and you can add or remove whatever you want…which is kind of awesome! So if you are big into Photo-A-Day challenges and you have an iPhone then this app is for you!

Now lets talk features – and let me tell you this app is jam packed with them:

1. Filters – It has some really awesome filters which I’ve really grown to love – and you can adjust the opacity of the filter so you have more control. You can also adjust the settings on you photo without using a filter which is also nice.

2. Text – You can add your own text to your photo and say whatever you want! There are heaps of fonts to peruse from and you can also buy extra if you’re so inclined. You can change the colors and adjust the size and rotate your text as well to make it just right!

3. Quotes – This is probably one of my fave features on this app! There are some of the cutest hand drawn quotes and sayings for all occasions – and there are 4 free packs of them to use and play with!! FREE!! Each quote can be resized or rotated so it fits where you want it to! I am kind of obsessed with them…

4. Doodles – Because who doesn’t love a good doodle? There are some really adorable doodles you can add to your photo to make it yours and again many of the packs are free!! All the doodles can be resized and rotated, and you can change the color so it is the perfect fit! They even have a pack of doodles just for bloggers…need I say more?

AND best of all it is super easy to use! All these features can really enhance you iPhone photos and take your Instagramming up like a notch! Here’s an example to show you just how awesome it is – I’ll show you a photo edit from start to finish:

 I honestly don’t know what else would make this app better – it’s just awesome! I hope you enjoyed this app review and that it inspires you to get out there and check out all the amazing apps out there – especially Little Moments :).

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and capture your own moments!





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