Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

This week’s Photo Challenge from the Daily Post is Adventure I’ve been on my fair share of adventures over the years – although at the moment they feel like lifetimes ago! Some of my all time favorite adventures have included the ocean – snorkeling, paddle boarding, scuba diving, surfing and sailing…all fantastic memories and all of them having me overcome some kind of fear! Facing my fear of deep water and feeling out of control – and ultimately coming out on top! I can remember each and every one of these adventures like they were yesterday – I remember the fear was so strong and each time I could have missed out. I was terrified that I would drown, or that I’d run our of oxygen or that I’d get eaten by a shark….I could have let my fears win or I could push through – I’m so glad that I pushed through my fears.

So that’s it – these are my favorite adventures thus far! But I know that there are many to come :).

Have a great week & thanks for stopping by! Make sure you go stop by the Daily Post to check out all the other submissions.




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