Hello September!

I can’t believe that it’s September already! Crazy right?!?! I’m sorry I was mostly absent the month of August – I really am trying to work on my time management skills. Let’s face it – blogging is hard work! It really takes time and effort to create a great welcoming and innovative space! I have struggled over the last 2 years trying to find my groove and it has not been easy. This year is a bit different for me too because I won’t be taking my regular digital photography classes which I used to write about. Instead I decided to work on one of my long-term goals & take a FILM photography class!! It will be a bit harder to share those images as I will be learning how to develop & print them myself, but I can definitely share my experiences along the way. It’s kind of a life-long dream so I’m pretty psyched! But it also made me realize that my blogging ways have got to change. So while I was absent from here over the month of August I actually used any spare time I had mapping out where I want my blog to go and how I want to freshen it up.

I decided that I want to focus my photography posts a bit more and not just rely on weekly photo challenges to get me through the week. So I made a list of all the areas of photography that I love and that I want to explore further – this was helpful and made me realize that I have a lot more to contribute to than I had initially thought! Once I had my list of ideas down I expanded on each area and detailed how I want to explore each topic and what kind of posts can be written under each one. I broke it down to 3 main photography areas that I am passionate about:

1. Picture This: My journey with Digital Photography – I love taking millions of photos and finding out ways to edit each image so that it reflects my personal style and my voice. Under Picture This I will explore different concepts of photography like composition, lighting, etc. I’ll explore the use of different lenses and compare the difference between a good 50mm vs. a kit lens. I’ll maybe dabble into the realm of editing digital images and some great software that makes it simple! It’s pretty open and can expand and grow as needed! I’ll share at least one post per month under this category.

2. iClick: My journey with iPhoneography – we all know that I’m kind of an addict when it comes to capturing moments on my iPhone! I love finding new apps to edit each picture and finding new ways to connect with the iphoneography community :). Under iClick I will review apps and share with you my fave editing tips & tricks. I’ll explore great communities for iphoneography and share my faves with you. Again it’s pretty open and can expand and grow over time. I’ll be sharing at least one post per month under this category.

3. FILM is FOREVER: My journey with Film Photography – As I said above I’m taking a film photography class this fall and I am so excited to learn as much as I can about this medium!! I’ve always dreamed of learning how to develop my own film – of seeing my image appear like magic on paper. I first became drawn to photography back when film was the only medium. It was a simple point & shoot camera but it was mine and I got to decide what was important enough to take room on my film. I’m really excited to expand my abilities and use what I know from digital photography and apply it to film (and vice versa). So under FILM is FOREVER I’ll explore all mediums of film photography – from my addiction to toy cameras to my darkroom classes & everything in between. I’ll share at least one post per month under this category.

Next I mapped out the next 2 months – pretty much figuring out what posts I’ll share each week and planning time for writing & preparing for my posts. Along with my new focused monthly features I also decided to continue my weekly photo challenges as I really do enjoy them! They’re a great way to stretch yourself & challenge yourself to think differently about how you shoot and how you approach a subject. I’ve also added a new weekly feature called Monochrome Monday – where I will share one black & white image a week to start off the week on the right creative foot! I wanted to share some love & appreciation for B&W photography.

So I hope you are up for the new & improved Picture This My Way! I know I am super excited to stretch myself and come at this blog like I do my photography – with my whole heart :).

Thanks for sticking with me over the years as I figure this all out! I look forward to hearing what you think so let me know if there is something you’d like me to share about.

Have a great week!






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