Monumental Moments – WPC: Monument

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is: Monument – I instantly thought of my trip to Rome and seeing the great Colosseum and the ruins of the Roman Forum. While these monuments have fallen and are now ruins, they are are still significant and represent a rich history. But the reason I thought of them is because of how they made me feel while walking through them – awed. It was an amazing day to walk the ruins of the Forum and the Colosseum – to see monuments that before then I had only read about in books was like nothing I had ever experienced before! I love that feeling – of experiencing a moment in history – standing in the very same spot where history took place!

Inside the Colosseum there was a subdued and almost reverent silence from all who were visiting that day – there was a quiet respect for the countless lives that were taken there, and for also for the building itself – for the time & effort to build something that huge!!

So these are my shots for this week’s challenge all taken on the very first digital camera I ever bought – a Canon Power Shot! It was the perfect camera to start off with 🙂 .


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