Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Reflections. I LOVE all the other posts on this challenge and seeing how different everyone’s reflections on reflections are is kinda awesome. I have always loved capturing reflections – in mirrors, windows, or water – there is something kinda magical about how the light captures its surroundings and reflects it back to us making us see the world in a new way. Seeing everyone else’ take on reflections has given me some great ideas to try out when out and shooting – definitely go check out the other submissions!

My shots for this challenge are from a family reunion trip down to a place called Ocean Shores in the state of Washington. The day was one of those perfect winter days where the sky is full of the most perfect shades of blue-gray that you don’t even mind that the sun isn’t shinning. We went for a long beach walk just after the tide went out and the sandy shores looked like they were coated in glass – perfectly reflecting the sky and all who stood upon it. Obviously I took like a THOUSAND photos of everything! My sister and I took turns doing, what we thought were amazing twirls and incredible leaps & jumps – capturing them on camera frozen in time and seeing ourselves suspended in air (not nearly as high as it felt!).

My favorites though were the candid shots of family – when they were walking along, lost in thought – reflecting on life, the gorgeous ocean shore or just what we were going to do for lunch. It was one of my most favorite days ever – one I will always remember because for those precious few moments we were carefree, we forgot about all our worries & petty arguments and just simply enjoyed being together, enjoyed being silly, enjoyed being silent & thoughtful – just enjoyed life.

It’s funny I took these a few years ago now, when I was just starting to get back into Photography and learning how to use my new DSLR, and when I look at them all I see is the good. Usually as photographers we are our worst critics – we only see what we could have done better and where we can improve. But looking back on these I see how far I’ve come today – I have improved and grown as a photographer. I have learned how to use my camera more effectively and taken it off of AUTO! I now shoot in RAW format for most things instead of JPEG and that gives me more room to edit in Lightroom instead of using the free software that came with my camera. Most importantly, when I look at these photos, these memories, I see that I have stayed true to myself as a photographer. I still love to capture memories and freeze those moments in time. I still love to do happy twirls and jumps, and I still love to snap those candid shots. I am still me, only a better version of me. I don’t know why, but that is important to me – to not get too caught up in all the technical parts of photography – but to hang on to what drew me to it in the first place, having fun with my camera and freezing my favorite moments in time 🙂 .


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