One Word Photo Challenge: BLACK

So I know I am a bit late in posting this week – BUT if you could see my work load and crazy schedule this week I think you’d understand…at least I really hope you would and that you’d feel just the teensy bit sorry for me. But maybe that’s pushing it? Anyways, on to why you’re here and clicked onto this post – the One Word Photo Challenge put on by Jennifer Nichole Wells! This week’s ONE WORD is Black – as in void of all color. So I chose a few of my more abstract shots in Black & White of course.

The first one is one of those random shots that you think won’t really be very good, but something inside you says take it anyway…and then you end up kind of loving it. Do you ever have those shots? They definitely make you start to trust that voice inside that says take it anyway! The last 2 I shot last summer for m Street Photography class – the time I became obsessed with Bikes…It hasn’t really gone away PS. Anyways I love the dark shadows and how they become abstract when cut off from their source.


Abstract B&W

Shadow Play

Shadow Play

Abstract Shadow

Abstract Shadow

So those are my entries for Jennifer’s ONE WORD PHOTO CHALLENGE – Black. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed πŸ™‚ .




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