Weekly Photo Challenge: INSIDE

This week’s Photo Challenge is Inside – definitely full of endless possibilities. I thought of all the things I could do and felt a bit overwhelmed at first to be honest. Then I thought I’m taking this too literal and I need to just have fun with it, right? It’s not supposed to be stressful for heaven’s sake! So I went with my first idea which is my favorite thing to do inside on rainy afternoons (since it’s been pretty wet lately – holla to all my Westcoasters!). When it’s a horrible, wet and gloomy day and I have to stay inside I LOVE to curl up with a good book and drink a hot cuppa tea – who doesn’t love that really? I dare you not to enjoy yourself in the delicious escape of a new book, the rain pattering down on your window pane, a cozy perch on a comfy couch….how can you not relish every minute?!


Reading a good book is kinda magical – you get to escape into a whole different world for a while!


On a rainy day a hot cuppa tea paired with a good book is one of my favorite things in the whole world!

Love Walked In

This is one of my ALL time favorite books!! If you haven’t read it I suggest you go find a copy and get on that – you won’t be disappointed!

The above images are of a few of my favorite books and my lovely tea cup that I got for my birthday 🙂 . The last shot of “Love Walked In” by Marisa de los Santos is one of my ALL TIME faves!! I re-read this book a lot! Probably more than most people re-read books but I just love LOVE the characters so much! Seriously you HAVE to read this book – it is just perfection. I was so sad the first time I finished it, I remember drawing out the last chapter for as long as I could so I could just cling to this beautiful story a bit more. Can anyone relate to that? To loving a book so much that you are genuinely sad when you’ve finished because, now what? You’ve been so engrossed in this little story bubble and now it’s over and you have to go back to ‘life before the book’ – but you can’t possibly… Maybe I’m just strange, but I don’t really care, I’ve always loved the art of story and I always will be passionate about books!

Then just as I was about to hit Publish the door bell rang and I got a package!! Yeah Mail!!! So…what is inside you may ask? You’ll have to keep scrolling to find out 🙂 .

My New Sevenly Digs!

Check out this Sevenly shirt here to see all their amazing products that support a NEW cause each week! I helped children in Africa get the vaccines they need for a whole year just by buying this shirt!! Cool huh?

I discovered Sevenly about 2 years ago and am still a huge fan of what they do! They choose a different charity each week and design t-shirts for them – $7 from every sale goes towards that charity. It’s pretty awesomesauce and I am happy to support not only the amazing weekly causes (obviously not every week or I’d be broke! but when I can I do it),but also the incredible artists that work for them! Love this company and the good they pay forward – hope one day they will branch out and allow Non-profits from Canada to be a part of what they do so I can submit the SA Foundation!

Well that’s my submission for this week! All photos this time around were taken on my iPhone and edited with the following Apps: Repix, A Beautiful Mess, & Over.



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