Off to a Fresh Start – Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

photo 2

End of 2013 and Beginning of 2014!

So this week’s Photo Challenge is “Beginning” – and every beginning starts with an ending. Things have to end for new things to begin. So my photo is the last sunset of 2013. It’s a beautiful goodbye to an awesome year – a year full of good and bad memories, love and loss, hope and renewal. It was pretty awesome.

photo 1

All Beginnings start with an Ending

I’m looking forward to a new year and a new beginning – 2014 is a fresh start! I love a new year – it means new possibilities, it means leaving behind the old. I tend to not make New Years resolutions – let’s be honest, who keeps them? – they just make you feel bad for breaking them! So instead I create dreams – I imagine all the new and exciting possibilities that the next year may hold. I dream big, I wish mightily and hold onto the hope that some of them may just be beginning. To some of you this may sound like the same thing – BUT it’s not. Not even a little bit, not even at all (if you just got my 10 Things I Hate About You reference you may just be my favorite person ever!). Resolutions feel restricting, heavy, like I HAVE TO DO THIS, I’m resolved. Dreams feel freeing, they can change and grow into something amazing – they are limitless.

tumblr_mz24jw9RmS1qz4d4bo1_500SOME of My Dreams this year include:

1) Amazingly FANTASTIC New Adventures – I’m SO EXCITED that I get to go on a few trips this new year to China & Nepal!! I can’t wait to share those travel experiences with you. It’s just in time too, I was beginning to get itchy feet!

2) AWESOME New Creative Ventures – I want to really tap into my creative side and try some new things like painting, drawing, multi-media art works, DIY projects and really playing with what I’ve learned in Photoshop to create some cool images.

3) New IMAGINATIVE & Thoughtful Photography Challenges – I want to challenge myself more in photography exploring different styles of shooting, different techniques in editing, and also really try shooting more with FILM! I want to spend a whole month just shooting in film.

4) Making FABULOUS New Connections & Building up my STELLAR Crew – I want to connect more with the people I love. To strengthen the relationships I already have and be open to new ones wherever and whenever they present themselves. To Love FEARLESSLY.

f8706f6d3b973bda8aed181a62eee47fSo those are my Big & Beautiful Dreams! What are some of yours?




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