Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

blue horizon

blue horizon

This week’s Photo Challenge is Horizon – a lovely challenge! It can be literally a horizon at any time of the day, on the beach or in the city – wherever your horizon takes you. I chose to use the ocean – I love shooting at the beach in Vancouver! The above shot of an ocean horizon was done with a panning effect – where you use a slow shutter speed and move the camera slowly while the shutter is open. I love how it turned out and looks kind of like a painting! Panning is really easy and I am often surprised how they turn out – never how I expect and sometimes better than I imagined.

I thought it would be good to shoot from different perspectives to give you different horizons. The first shot is with mostly sky and a low horizon, the second shot is with the horizon in the middle with equal parts sky and foreground, and the last shot is with mostly foreground/water and a high horizon. This was fun and a good chance to show that a “New Horizon” can come in many different forms – you just have to be on the lookout for one!

I used the triptych option in Lightroom to display the three Horizons all together – it’s found under the print module. Here are my shots in 2 triptychs showing 3 horizons at different levels – one in Black & White with the city behind it and one in color of just the ocean and the horizon. I hope you enjoyed :).

Have a great day!



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