October Faves – A Word A Week Challenge: Favourite

Sue’s ‘A Word A Week Challenge’ is Favourite – and I couldn’t pass up participating since this week is also the ONE YEAR Anniversary for this weekly challenge!! Well done Sue – thank-you for providing this awesome challenge for us each week! Here’s to another whole year!!!

So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things about October with you through some of my Instagram photos. There are so many amazing things I love about October – mostly pumpkin things ;). Particularly this current October in Vancouver has been absolutely GORGEOUS! Almost a whole month without RAIN which is almost unheard of – I think we had record breaking warm temperatures too!! So I’ve felt pretty blessed this October and am thankful for so many things in life! Alright, without anymore rambling, here are my October Faves – Enjoy!


All shots are taken on my iPhone or edited on my iPhone using the following apps – A Beautiful Mess, Over, RhonnaDesigns, Repix & Instagram – my TOP 5 go to apps lately!


This is my current fave playlist from Rbieze on 8tracks – give it a listen! 🙂

Hope you have had an awesome October! What are some of your favourite parts of October?




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