Weekly Wishes – Week #2


So my weekly wishes are a bit late this week – but better late than never right? And really who can put a timeline on wishes? This weekend was crazy busy for me and went by so fast and now it’s TUESDAY!?! It feels like I am scrambling a bit to keep up with everything and falling a bit behind, but I refuse to give in and am going to just keep going at this pace until I get everything done that needs to get done! There is an end in sight…I hope! 🙂

So I guess I’ll start by recapping last week’s wishes:

1. Start my regular exercise routine again!

  • I kinda failed a bit at this one! It was funny though because all the encouragement I got was “Oh, exercise/running that’s so hard – GOOD LUCK” and they are right! It IS HARD! I appreciated the solidarity I felt here. Instead of feeling discouraged about not completing this goal and let it get me down I feel comforted knowing I’m not alone in this struggle. Many of you out there struggle with this too! So I’m not going to give up – I’m going to persevere!! I may not have started running again or my routine, but I did walk a heck of a lot more and got out and was active – and that COUNTS for something! Here’s to this week being better.

2. Practice doing Portrait sessions!

  • I did get in some practice with my sister and I’m so grateful for her letting me!! We had fun and it doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous and easy to photograph. It was my first time using fill card and fill flash outside of class – I learned a lot from doing it and even more afterwards from my teacher’s critique – and that is awesome because I can only get better. Plus I learned an easy and cheap way to make my photos better – stay tuned for a post on this “Practice, Practice, Practice” session!

3. Do some cleansing!

  • I gotter-done!! I was a cleaning machine! I decluttered all papers and cleaned out my closet to make space for new things and it felt GREAT! I still have a bit more to do – as now my cleaning frenzy has begun to include more areas of my home :).

…………………………………WEEKLY PHOTO THEME: CREATIVITY!!……………………………………

I’ve been super into making my Instagrams more creative lately by layering text and doodles in new and different ways. Just thought I’d share my favorite from the month! 🙂

…………………………………………………WEEKLY WISHES………………………………………………

1. Take More Photographs! I haven’t had much time to practice and just go out and shoot for the fun of it – it’s mostly for school or very planned and not as free to experiment due to time constraints. So I want to just go out there be free to shoot what I see and what captivates me.

2. Make some time for ME TIME! I have been so incredibly busy that I forget to stop for 5 minutes and do something just for me – like having a hot bubble bath, setting time aside to read that book I’ve been meaning to get to, just spending some quality quiet time sketching, time to just reflect on what’s really important and re-prioritize.

3. Start my regular exercise routine again! Because I didn’t get to this one last week I feel like I should carry this one over to this week. I’ve been super slack in this area in my life lately and I’m starting to feel the effects of it!! So time to get back into it and start running again and strength training. Not fun to start, but worth it – so I need to push past the pain of re-starting! I’m going to getter-done this week!!

Here’s to a great week where we accomplish our goals to the best of our abilities!! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes – Week #2

  1. Good luck with your Weekly Wishes this week! I’m also a little late with posting! 🙂

    Getting into a regular exercise program is really hard. I had it on my to-do list for weeks too before I finally started the 30 Day Shred.

    • Thank-you Crystal! It is super hard – good for you on the 30 Day Shred! That’s what I am planning on doing – Jillian Michaels is crazy good. Good luck with your wishes as well 🙂

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