Weekend Catch Up #7

Happy Weekend everyone and to all my fellow Canadians happy Thanksgiving – AND to all my fellow Americans (yes, I’m both) we all know that the real Thanksgiving is in November exactly one month BEFORE Christmas ;). It’s funny that I’ve lived in Canada longer than anywhere else and am in some ways more Canadian than American (I apologize even when it’s NOT my fault!), yet there is still some American in me and to me Thanksgiving is in November – always has been and always will be…except in Canada! But, hey long weekend and turkey? I’ll take it! On today’s agenda I got pretty much nothing after sleep in and make coffee…

todays list - make coffee...


The last few weeks have been really good – super busy as  usual – but really good. I don’t really have a huge high or low, which isn’t a bad thing I guess. My high point over the last few weeks has definitely been the gorgeous weather we’ve been having here in Vancouver!! We had a record breaking warmth over the last weekend and it’s been fun to get outside and enjoy it when I can – especially to take some lovely autumn pictures :). The low points over the last few weeks has just been how tired I’ve been feeling – which just makes everything that much more difficult. Also I’m finding my People Photography class quite challenging with the different teaching and critique style…so then I doubt myself and question if I’m even cut out for photography. Those are my low points.


My Favorite Tunes of the Week:

1. Settle Down – by The 1975 – I really am loving this band! This is my second favorite song of theirs (the first one is “Chocolate” – go listen to that one too!!), and I just can’t get enough of it…it’s kinda on repeat a lot.

2. Wrecking Ball (Cover) – by Eli Lieb – I am obsessed with this song! Eli does such a beautiful job covering this song and is crazy talented!

3. French Navy – by Camera Obscura – just super fun and I love her voice!

4. You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone – by Anna Kendrick – this song gets stuck in my head every time I hear it! Hope you like it as much as I do :).

Blog Love

Favorite Blogs/Posts I’ve discovered this Week:

1. My friend Amy shares her Mom’s Bombay Tea recipe! I think I’m gonna go make a cup after I hit publish…

2. Really good post from She Loves Magazine – “The I Can’ts” – read it if you’ve ever said you can’t – because you probably can!

Best Photography Tips/Tricks:

1. Improve Photography had a great post on Photography Tips that 96 Photographers wished they would’ve learned sooner – really good stuff!

2. What the Duck is a great comic strip for photographers! So funny!!

what the duck - mind over matter

The last 2 Week’s Posts in case you missed out on anything (wouldn’t want that now would we?) 🙂

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Falling into Fall

“What is it?” Wednesday

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturation

That’s So Pinteresting – My Top 6 Pins from the Week:

I do not own any rights to these images; all images have links to their original source (just click on the image) 🙂

octobers1. True Story! Love that Anne Shirley!

pumpkin snickerdoodles2. Pretty sure I’m going to be making these TODAY! Hello Pumpkin…have I mentioned that the Snickerdoodle is my fave cookie? Mostly because it’s delicious, but ALSO because it’s fun to say – am I right?! 😉

hands3. LOVE this photograph! The depth of field, the focus, the color palette and overall emotion is pretty much perfection!

desk4. This console spray-painted pink and turned into a little desk/working station is SO MY NEXT DIY project! I am in desperate need of a small working space and now on the look out for a cute console to fix-up…fingers crossed I find just the right one!

polaroid5. I am coveting this amazing little gem of a camera!! It’s a digital Mini-Polaroid camera that also prints your images!!! So MUCH FUN!! I WANT!

anywhere workout6. I’m going to be starting this daily anywhere workout this week! Totally going to need it after all the Turkey dinners from this weekend :).

Randomly Awesome:

1. Finally got my Snail Mail Collective partner for October’s exchange and am so excited to get to know her! Stay tuned for more on this month’s SMC exchange.


2. Have you seen this Jimmy Fallon video yet?? Lip-sync-off – BEST IDEA EVER!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!






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