WAKE UP – Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!


This week’s Photo Challenge is “Good Morning” – a super fun challenge to get pretty creative AND also to see how everyone else does mornings. I for the most part am NOT a morning person! Honestly, I find mornings pretty rough, but I’ve discovered a few things over the years to help make mornings a little bit better. So here’s how I have a “Good Morning”:

1) I set my alarm 18 minutes earlier than I need to get up – this way I can hit snooze twice and feel like I cheated some extra sleep from the morning.

2) I need a good wake up song to help get me pumped about the day – right now it is Katy Perry’s “Roar” – having a mini dance party is the BEST way to wake up! Try it, I dare you to do it and not feel awesome!

3) COFFEE – I need a good hit of Caffiene BEFORE I can talk to anyone – seriously, it’s not a good idea to start chatting me up first thing! AND just to get fancy I like to add some International Delight, fat free of course, it really is just delightful.


4) Breakie!! I cannot tell you how important breakfast is to having a good start to your day – really I can’t, it’s just a fact. My favorite breakfast food or actually just anytime “go to snack” is milk & cereal – with some fruit :). I’m really digging Multi-grain Cheerios at the moment!! But last week it was Cinnamon Toast Crunch…I’m very Jerry Seinfeld about cereal, you can never have too many options!


Speaking of Milk & Cereal….have you heard the song “Milk & Cereal” by G. Love & The Special Sauce??? Cause if not you should give it a listen!! I love me some G. Love!! Here’s him and his son singing the song together, at the very least it’ll make you smile 🙂

5) And finally, some more of my best friend COFFEE! I’m like at least a 2 cup a morning girl!


AND, Just in case you didn’t get enough G. Love here’s one of my favorite songs of his – it’s all about the best part of waking up, COFFEE of course! It’s called “Milk & Sugar”…and NO not all of his songs start with “milk”, just two that I know of… 😉

Well, there you have it, that is how I do “Good Mornings”. How do you start your mornings? I hope you have an excellent day and thanks for starting it with me :). Now grab yourself a second cup of coffee and don’t forget to check out the other entries for “Good Morning”.




9 thoughts on “WAKE UP – Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

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