Falling into Fall


I’m so excited that Fall is here!! That means that Pumpkin spice Lattes are BACK – not to mention ALL the other amazing pumpkin flavored goodies & treats! It also means that cozy layers can now be worn and we can bust out ALL our favorite boots and scarves and go for long walks in the crisp autumn air!! It does a soul good to do all of those things!! If you live in Vancouver you also know that the rain is on its way and will be here in full force soon trying to rain on our autumn parade – BUT don’t let it! Just buy some amazingly fun and awesome rain boots to brighten your day and put a little pep in your step! Boots usually make most things better. That is one of the reasons why Autumn is one of my favorite seasons – the OTHER reason is because of all the colors of Fall. It’s a photographer’s dream! There are so many lovely things to shoot in the Fall! Falling leaves, gorgeous crisp sunsets, foggy mornings adding some mystery, and PUMPKINS of course! So get out there and shoot some amazing Fall things! Here are a few of my favorite Fall shots:

I hope this inspires you to not just LOVE Fall as much as I do, but to also get out there and make some beautiful memories too. Go enjoy all the lovely parts of fall while you can, while it’s not raining!! Oh, and obviously don’t forget to capture them forever with your camera! Take pictures of all your favorite Autumn things and while you’re out treat yourself to something pumpkin flavored – like pie or lattes or cookies or….whatever tickles your fancy, it will make you smile :).

Have a great weekend!



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