“What is it?” Wednesday

This week I have been working on an assignment for one of my photography classes – the assignment is “What The Heck Is It?”. We have to submit 3 close-ups images of items that are hard to recognize from close up or are just plain cool because you’re looking at the subject from a new angle! I have had so much fun just finding random things to shoot in my own home – you get such a fresh perspective when you shoot in a completely different way than you normally would. Seriously, you should give it a go – the most mundane thing you can find can be turned into something kind of amazing…some might even call it art! Especially since they turn out pretty abstract – something I’m discovering I really love!

So now that I have quite the collection of random close up objects I thought I’d do a new series this month called “What is it?” Wednesdays. Each Wednesday I’ll share one of my shots with you and see if you can guess what it is or if you think it’s given a fresh perspective. I’d love it if you’d join along and share your own awesome close-up shots and try to trick us or wow us with how awesome it looks from your perspective! There’s really no restrictions, you can edit the photo as much as you want to trick people, or just use a macro lens and get really close! Make sure to tag your post “what is it wednesday” and link back to this post on Picture This My Way each Wednesday so we can see your shots!!

Here’s my first “What is it?” Wednesday shot:


What do you think it is? I hope you join along next week! If not at least go around your house and shoot some random things up close and see what you come up with, it’s a great exercise and It’s also really fun :).




5 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday

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