Snail Mail Collective TIME!!

It’s here! The Snail Mail Collective sign up has begun and you only have until October 7 to sign up – so check it out!! I’ve just signed up for the October gift exchange and linked my post from my awesome SMC experience to their page. I’m so excited to participate in this exchange again and can’t wait to meet my new partner in crime!! I had such an amazing experience last time meeting my new friend Amy and can only hope that the next one will be almost as awesome ;).

The theme this month is “Autumn Adventures”!! How fun is that?! So it will be pretty cool to see how this theme is interpreted all over the world – after all not everyone’s “autumn’s” are the same or even happen during the same time of the year! One of my favorite parts of this amazing exchange hosted by Melyssa at The Nectar Collective & Chelsea at Lost in Travels, is getting to see all the posts from everyone who has participated!! It’s pretty awesome, I’m not gonna lie! I hope that you get inspired by visiting these two amazing ladies blogs and that you also decide to participate in the SMC – you never know, we could get paired up!

The rules are pretty simple – you can check them out here.

There you go – you have all the info, you know the rules and you know how to participate – so you have no excuses to not sign up. I hope you do.



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