These are my confessions…

{cue Usher song} Truth time:

It has been almost a month since I last ran – gasp – I know!! I’ve put my C25K training schedule way off track! I have a million excuses but bottom line is I am simply lazy!! I was busy because of my sister’s wedding, I got sick for 2 weeks, it was raining, my back hurts, I’m tired…the list goes on. I was doing so good for so long!! I felt like this time I was finally going to complete this goal of mine to train for and run in a 1/2 marathon (start off small and accomplishable and work your way up right?), I was half way through week 5 when I let the excuses win. Once I missed a week it was easy to keep on missing more weeks especially when I got sick, I mean you need to take care of yourself and rest, but once I was all better I didn’t get back out there. I just went back to my old lazy habit of couch potatoing-it after work. Funny thing is I felt worse and MORE TIRED from not running or exercising, I have been very lethargic and my mood has also been effected too I’m easily down and stay down. There really is something to those endorphins released from exercise, and it is time to get back on track!! I’m telling you this so those of you who are like me can feel encouraged, relieved even, that someone else out there is just as lazy as you! Someone else out there struggles with exercise routines and combating the undisciplined you who much rather sit on her bum and chill than work out! I’m also telling you this so that in some way I’ll hold myself accountable to this goal of mine. I will have no more excuses and will continue to train!

So this week I started back where I left off. I went out on Monday and ran – the first five minutes of running were awkward, it was hard to get my rhythm and my breathing right. But once I got in the swing of it I felt so GOOD!! I ran a little bit longer too than I was supposed to AND I ended at the park on the swings – I’ve always loved swinging, so it was like a reward for being awesome and exercising. I felt carefree and like a kid again with all those endorphins that I jumped off the swing just like I used to when I was little…not a good idea because by pushing myself I landed funny on my foot and now my foot is swollen….GREAT right??!! Instead of giving up though, I took Tuesday off and rested, elevated my foot and stayed off of it as much as possible and took some anti-inflammatory. Today I went for a walk, I didn’t push myself, but I also didn’t let myself slip back into my bad habit of doing NOTHING! Now I’m elevating my foot again and we’ll see how I go tomorrow…fingers crossed I can heal fast and keep running.

So in the mean time to pump myself up I created a new Running Mix! Here it is:




3 thoughts on “These are my confessions…

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  2. Same thing kept happening to me for an year. Can you believe…a whole YEAR? I had some excuse of some thing would happen. I am now in the 3rd week of my workouts. This time I have started and decided nothing to come in the way. Let’s see how it goes. Hope your foot gets well soon. It’s a really hard thing to get into training but once you get hooked after few weeks of regular training, the excuses just vanishes 🙂

    • Thanks Amy!! That is so encouraging!! We can do it we just have to push past every excuse. I’m going to start again this week 😊 my foot is doing better and I need to just get back into it!

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