Nothing beats a Beach Day! – Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

This week’s Photo Challenge is “Carefree” – and there is something about summer nights at the beach that are just so carefree. You’re not in a hurry, there’s no rushing around, you’re just there to soak in the beauty of the setting sun and the peacefulness of the waves. AND play with your dog ofcourse – what’s more carefree than playing with your dog at the beach? Dogs are the best companions to have at the beach – they just want to play and have fun! So carefree and uninhibited that they help us let our gaurd down so we can be playful too. Thank God for pets to help us not take ourselves too seriously and to just have FUN and PLAY a little!!

I recently went to the dog beach with a friend and both of us being photography junkies we brought our cameras too, it was so relaxing and FUN! I got these great shots of people playing with their dogs at the beach, some carefree moments in the setting sun of summer.

PictureThisMyWay.CareFree.2013-4711 PictureThisMyWay.CareFree.2013-4713 PictureThisMyWay.CareFree.2013-4714 PictureThisMyWay.CareFree.2013-4716 PictureThisMyWay.CareFree.2013-4717 PictureThisMyWay.CareFree.2013-4726 PictureThisMyWay.CareFree.2013-4729 PictureThisMyWay.CareFree.2013-4731

Enjoy the last days of summer!! Go out there and get your carefree on!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂



2 thoughts on “Nothing beats a Beach Day! – Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

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