Weekly Round-Up #4


weekendHappy Weekend everyone! I hope that you have lovely plans full of spending time with the ones you love. This past week pretty much got away from me, I’m sorry for my late posts and lack of posts. I haven’t been this busy in ages, but between work and school in the evenings I’ve had little time for anything else aside from sleep (and even that’s been at the bottom of the priority list!). I thought better late than never, and Saturday afternoons are perfect for catching up right? So how was your week?? I hope it went well and that you’ve had a gorgeous Saturday morning coffee (or tea?) and are ready to sit down and have a proper catch-up!

So amidst the craziness of this past week I put together a few of my favorite things to share with you hope you enjoy 🙂

Favorite Tunes:

1. OK, I’ve mentioned Dominique Fricot a couple of times so it’s safe to say I am a huge fan! I recently got a post card in the mail from him with a download code for his new song “Our Last Song” and I LOVE IT! The video is finally on youtube and it’s amazeballs! Give it a listen and then I don’t know, buy it on iTunes!!

2. Bastille is one of my absolute favorite bands! They have such a unique sound and are ridiculously talented. This is a song of theirs I couldn’t get out of my head this week! If you haven’t heard of them you are missing out!! Go check out their website and buy the song on iTunes!!

Favorite Blogs New & Old:

1. A Cup of Jo – Joanna Goddard is just lovely and her blog is really about sharing her life and beautiful things she discovers with you. Perfect to go with your first morning cup of Joe!

2. P.S. I Made ThisErica Domesek shares all her awesome DIY projects and inspires you to go out there and try to do it yourself too! Really fun blog to follow!

3. PoppytalkI just love this blog – first of all it’s Canadian and second of all it’s just awesomesauce! Full of lots of good stuff to keep you there for hours! Go, read, discover, enjoy!

My Top 5 Pinteresting Picks:

I do not own any rights to these images; all images have links to their original source (just click on the image) :)

laugh1. Am I right?? Best Medicine!

afternoon2. This for me is the second best medicine! An afternoon by the sea!

iced coffee3. Umm…it has Nutella it already wins!!

loveit!4. This is just the perfect Saturday outfit for blogging & sipping cappuccinos!

table5. I want this table!! I covet this table!

Some Great Reads and Photography Tips:

1. A Photo Editor is an amazing blog on photography that I just discovered from my teacher. It has awesome interviews from world renowned photographers, great tips and tricks of the trade and covers all types of different photography. I found this interview with Dan Winters pretty awesome – if you haven’t heard of Dan Winters look him up! His style is instantly recognizable and he is truly an artist. This blog is so jam packed full of goodness it’s the only one to share this week!

This Week’s Posts:

Double Take – Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Black & White Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows & Doors


This week’s high moment was getting to know my buddy Amy through the Snail Mail Collective. It is so cool to be able to share life and get to know all about a different culture and place with someone that I would never have met otherwise. I have loved the whole experience and look forward to staying in touch with Amy and doing the Snail Mail Collective again! My Second high from this week was getting to catch up with my girl Roastbeef! You know who you are and I love you chica! Thanks for taking the time to come treat me to lunch – can’t wait to help you design your new dream house!

The lowest point of this week has been how busy and exhausted I’ve been with work and school! It takes a lot to go to work full time and fit in evening classes! I love both but have definitely decided next semester I’m doing ONE Saturday class – not several evening classes. It’s just too much, but for now that’s the way it is and so I have to make it work. At least I am learning lots from both work and school :). It’s also been awful neglecting you all and this lovely safe haven called PictureThisMyWay!! I missed it!! I’ll try harder next week!!

Randomly Awesome:


1. I was recently given a book from my friend of mine from England and it is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time! It is called “A Street Cat Named Bob” by James Bowen. It is funny and charming and seriously endearing to read how the author James rescued this street cat and how in return Bob also rescued James. I would highly recommend reading this book – I couldn’t put it down! Give it a read and prepare yourself to be changed too!

2. The Snail Mail Collective is in full swing and I’ve been partnered up with the lovely Amy from the Maldives! It has been such an awesome experience to be a part of this collective and I have loved getting to know Amy in the process. I think it is such an amazing opportunity to make new friends and I know that Amy and I will stay in touch even after this month is over 🙂 snail-mail-button-2

Well that’s all for now! Until next week…”same bat time same bat channel“…I’m such a dork!



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