Double Take – Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

This past week has gone by so FAST!! I can’t believe it’s Friday already, I had to do a double take when I saw what day it was (like what I did there? Using “Double Take”!). I almost missed out on participating in this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge was “One Shot, Two Ways” and that would have been tragic!! I love these weekly Photo Challenges and I particularly love this one, because often I find that we zone in a particular subject that we find interesting and take like a MILLION shots of it – without moving, without thinking of other ways to shoot the subject OR even just without changing perspectives. I am guilty of this at times! It helps to have challenges like this to make you think outside the box and go out with a purpose to shoot something in two ways.

So as I came to the realization that I had almost missed this week’s challenge I went out and shot these two shots of a near by “neighborhood library”! I love this lend and borrow book stand and am determined to make one of my own one of these days…next DIY project?! So here’s my submission. Sorry I’m LATE, but seriously how is it Friday already??!!

I shot one on my iPhone and one on my camera in two different angles…so there! Two ways in two ways πŸ™‚




One thought on “Double Take – Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

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