Black & White Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows & Doors

This is the last Black & White Weekly Photo Challenge EVER…sad news from Sonel, but honestly I don’t know how she has managed all the weekly photo challenges she does and I think it is amazing that she puts so much time and effort into it for everyone to enjoy! So that being said I had to participate in it, and even though I’m late in the week I managed to find some shots that fit into this week’s theme of “Doors & Windows”. Some are a bit unconventional but that’s my style – I kinda like to push the boundary just a little bit! So without further ado, here is my interpretation of “doors & windows” in B&W!

Thank-you so much Sonel for putting these challenges on! It was fun while it lasted and I only wish I had found you sooner! All the best 🙂

But never fear, I still plan on posting some B&W images more often! I truly am in love with B&W photography and always will be – I should do a themed series in all Black & White…I’m just gonna let that percolate for a while and see what comes from it! Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed these challenges as much as I did!



5 thoughts on “Black & White Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows & Doors

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