Happy Anniversary to me & YOU!


I am really bad with dates, it’s a terrible thing to struggle with but there it is, I try and honestly without my iPhone calendar and Facebook to help me out I would be quite hopeless (and sadly still have mishaps!). I’ve never been able to remember dates for anything – school history class or birthdays of family members! So of course I would miss out and be late for my 1 YEAR anniversary of beginning this amazing blogging adventure with all of you!! I apologize, am I forgiven?

When I finally realized that it had been an entire year since I started Picture This My Way I was blown away! I was kind of proud of myself for sticking it out, for not quitting when I had low numbers and no followers! For finding my voice (which I’m sure you all hear with an accent right?), and developing my own personal style. This year has been an incredible journey – full of ups and downs, amazing adventures, huge loss, and new friends. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’ve grown so much in my faith, my confidence and just as a person. When I look back I feel so blessed to have had each and every single experience – good and bad – because they each taught me so much!

I initially began this blog just over a year ago when I was about to go on an epic journey across the ocean to the beautiful land of Oz (aka Australia). It started out as a way for me to share my travel adventures and pictures with family and friends – really a lazy way to avoid mass emails with those not on Facebook. It’s hard to believe that I went to Australia almost one year ago (will be one year on the 15th of August)! In some ways it feels like just yesterday, and in other ways it feels like an eternity ago that I was walking along the beaches of the Gold Coast sipping cappuccinos from Elk! I miss it like crazy most days, especially all my gorgeous friends that are now so FAR AWAY!! Shout out to my bestie Nic – girl I can’t even begin to tell you how lame it is that there are oceans and mountains and way too many miles between us, miss you heaps!

At the beginning I tried my best to post at least once a month – this gave me plenty of time to have fun and go on adventures while in Australia, oh and work of course! I wasn’t at all consistent in the beginning (and am still working on it but have definitely improved!), BUT you stuck it out with me. Once I was back home to Vancouver I began to weigh my options out, do I continue this blog now I’m home? What do I have to offer and share? As I waded through my doubts and insecurities I began reading through other blogs and discovered that I was not alone! We all struggle and doubt ourselves, but we also push past our fears and do it anyways. We stand up and we face it, we move forward and we learn from our past mistakes and triumphs. We live. We choose to share it with others and gain strength in numbers. This space started out as a travel and photo “journal” in a way and has now grown into more of a photography/life sharing blog. I still hope to have some travels in my future – I still have SO MANY places to go and see, and I know I will see Australia again one day! As travel opportunities arise and adventures happen I will share them with you, have no fear.

I truly couldn’t have done this without all of you. You, my amazing readers! You gave me the courage to continue this journey of blogging, to share my photography and life with you, you have no idea what all of your kind words and encouragement have meant over this last year! You’ve helped me gain some of my confidence back, you’ve helped me to believe in myself and my abilities (that are still developing thank God!). I want to thank-you all for coming along on this amazing adventure we call life, for faithfully coming back each week and for sharing part of your own journey with me. So here’s to another year together!

Highlight Reel of my Top 10 Favorite Posts from this past year:

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9. Best Random Post

10. Lessons Learned

Thank-you all again for being so awesome! Can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us 🙂



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