Ride – My Street Photography Term Assignment

This week is the last week of my Street Photography class – and I’m kind of sad that it is coming to an end. I’ve learned so much in this class – just being around other photographers seems to spark new life in me! Going out on field trips and shooting with others, seeing what captures their eye, how we all see things differently and yet similar at the same time has been a gift. Plus I absolutely adore my teacher Jim, he is such a brilliant photographer and lovely human being. I can’t wait to take more classes with him!

As you all know one of the assignments in this class was to create a series of images with a common theme related to Street Photography for our Final Term Assignment. I chose to do a series on bikes and had asked for some feedback and help me in choosing my final 7 images two weeks ago in “I want to ride my Bicycle“. We not only have to bring 7 images for our Term Assignment but we have to make prints of them! A very cool, but costly task. So I have finally chosen 7 out of 27 images – no easy task, but I thank all of you who helped me choose! – and taken them to The LAB to get them professionally printed. That was a new experience for me, I’ve only ever gotten prints made at Walmart or London Drugs (both of which were forbidden!) because it takes an hour and is pretty cheap. But here’s what I’ve learned – you get what you pay for. If you want quality prints of your work you need to pay for them. It is amazing the difference it made – and I now even see my work differently. I had a great experience at The LAB (thanks for the student discount guys!), and would definitely go back there again. They sit down with you and review each of your images to make sure they look like how you want – adjusting any color discrepancies or white balance issues you may have missed. I was fortunate enough to not have to make any changes to mine and was quite happy with how they turned out :)I chose to get Laser-LIGHT-Jet prints – this is a very cool process that imitates film printing. Your image gets lasered onto the photo paper with red, green and blue lasers and then gets processed through traditional photographic chemistry. Cool right?

I present my prints to my class on Saturday, but I thought I’d share them with you first since you helped me choose the final images to use! So here is my series called “Ride“:

JPEG Term Project with Borders-01


JPEG Term Project with Borders-02


Shadow Play

Shadow Play

JPEG Term Project with Borders-05


Turquoise Love

Turquoise Love

Abstract Shadow

Abstract Shadow

JPEG Term Project with Borders-10

Big Yellow Taxi

Thanks for coming along with me through my Street Photography class! Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my assignments and hearing about all I’ve learned. I’m taking a Practical Lighting class this next term so be prepared to hear about that – It just began this week and already I feel a bit out of my element…oh and did I mention there’s math involved?




5 thoughts on “Ride – My Street Photography Term Assignment

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    • Thanks! It was amazing!! I loved it and would highly recommend taking a street photography class or workshop. It changes your perspective and challenges you! πŸ˜„

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