Weekly Round-Up #2

Julian-Bialowas-Time-Spent-WastedPhoto Credit: Julian Bialowas

So here we are again for the weekly round-up where I’ll share my favorite things I’ve found on Pinterest, my favorite new blogs, my favorite songs from the week, and you can catch up on all you’ve missed from me :). Although sadly this week has been severely lacking in posts and I apologize for that!!

That’s so Pinteresting:

So here are my top 5 picks from Pinterest this week – I do not own any rights to these images; all images have links to their original source :)

pizza1. Best Quote EVER! It is so TRUE and funny! πŸ™‚

beading2. This is just so pretty and intricate! I absolutely ADORE this top and am going to look for one like it!

summer3. Just want to hold onto Summer as it begins to fade and LOVE these sea shell wind chimes!

icecream4. Ummm…do I even need to explain this one? It’s just awesome!

owl5. Just ridiculously CUTE and I want it!

New Awesome Blogs to check out and some of my favorite ones I read every week:

1. The Nectar Collective – OK, I just discovered this blog and I already am in love with it!!! Melyssa is just awesome and I love her writing style and the whole blog itself is just great!

2. Write Meg – A great blog to follow by aspiring writer Meg. She is a fellow reader and lover of books – I love her book reviews! And she just shares her life in a lovely way.

3. I Heart Faces – I Heart Faces is a great resource for photographers of all skill levels! They have lots of great tips, tutorials and contests to become a part of!

Favorite tunes of the week:

An oldie but a goodie done is such an awesome way!! LOVE this idea of artists uniting in one song πŸ™‚

I am in love with this dynamic duo called Us! If you haven’t heard of them check them out ASAP! They’re ridiculously talented and you can get most of their tunes on iTunes!!

Some great reads & photography tips:

1. Daily Post has been doing an awesome series called Photography 101 which I have LOVED! This week’s contribution is all about composition – learning all the rules of composition to help improve and take your photographs to a new level. Not only learning the rules, but learning them so you can then break them for creative purposes! If you haven’t read it yet click the link below and give it a go!


2. I found this tutorial on using the ‘patch tool’ in Photoshop quite helpful – I love video tutorials! So much easier to follow along with! It is from I Heart Faces the blog I mentioned above πŸ™‚ and is written by


This weeks Posts:

Photo Shoot for a Cause

Inspired Design


This weeks high point was definitely working on the Global Wonders Photo Shoot with the amazing team of crazy talented women!! I had a blast and it will not be something I soon forget!! I was so blessed by each member of the team and came away so inspired to create and challenge myself!

The low point has been being sick – I’ve had a throat infection all week. I guess all the activity and business of July finally caught up with me and now I am feeling quite depleted in energy and drive. I’m also a bit cranky – which my family is only to willing to point out much to my dismay! Unfortunately I’ve not had the luxury of staying home and resting as there is much to get done for both work and school so I apologize for my lack of posts this week!! I’m working on creating a better schedule and getting ahead so that I can be more consistent with you all.

Randomly Awesome:

1. I just signed up for The Snail Mail Collective!! It’s a really cool opportunity to be a part of something that is fun and helps to connect people from all over the world! I LOVE snail mail – we really don’t use it enough today thanks to technology and I’m so excited to be a part of a movement to bring it back! Everyone deserves a little encouragement and something to brighten up their day :). Click the button below to find out more info!


2. I received a postcard in the mail from Dominique Fricot this week and it made my day! So I sent him a picture as thank-you and obviously he liked it, maybe even possibly inspired his photo contest :), and he featured it on his blog! Pretty COOL! If you haven’t heard of Dominique Fricot seriously look him up and give him a listen – you won’t be disappointed! He is a local Vancouver artist that was featured on the PEAK Performance Project and placed!! I LOVE his music! PS, Dom if you are reading this – don’t you think I deserve the t-shirt? πŸ˜‰


So that’s a rap folks! I hope you all had a great week and that you have an even better weekend!! For all my BC readers enjoy the LONG WEEKEND! Yeah extra days off always make things better.




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