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So last month I had mentioned that my sister Jess was getting married in July and that I was blessed enough to design her bridal jewelry! I had promised to share photos and some of my design inspiration…something I normally don’t share because the creative process can be a bit personal. But I thought it might be fun to give you a glimpse into how my creative process works and to share something that I am quite proud of designing!

So my inspiration really began with the amazing dress Jess got for her wedding day – it was absolutely gorgeous! It had a vintage feel to it, with antique lace and a great neckline that was the perfect frame to showcase some great jewelry! My next consideration for designing a bridal piece was my sister’s personal taste – she had to like it and feel comfortable wearing it! Jess tends to go for statement pieces and anything big and chunky! I knew I could have some fun and let my creativity go to town :).

So from there I created an Inspiration board on Pinterest full of images that had a vintage/antique feel, pretty lace details and lots and lots of PEARLS! I don’t know if you know about or use the “secret board” option on Pinterest but I love it! It’s a great option for things like this you want to keep a surprise and I also use it for upcoming blog posts. So here is a glimpse into my secret Jess Board:

pearls bride

The Next Steps were acquiring the materials to make this design – which meant pearls and a LOT of them! So I hit the streets and went to flea markets, thrift shops and antique stores – I had a look in mind and wanted to create something new out of something old, something with history! Once I had enough pieces I took them all apart and I cleaned all the pearls and polished all the brass. Then began the fun part – creating! I placed all the clean and polished beads and materials into one clear container – and pretty much let them marinate as I began to sketch out and dream of what I intended to make.


Once I had my plan I began to string together the various sized pearls into 3 distinct lines from very large and chunky to tiny and delicate. This took a while because I can be a bit of a perfectionist and had to redo each line several times until I was happy with the patterns and random bits for each line. I also decided to incorporate some brass/gold chain into my design so I took apart other bits of jewelry I had lying around and found a few pieces that matched the look of the design.


Once I had all 5 lines came the hard part – the part that I dreaded! Putting it all together…this was really NOT fun at all!! I had to recruit some help from several people to braid this necklace. Once we got the three lines braided I then wove the chain into the necklace and added the finishing touches to complete the piece. After it was all over I said a little prayer that it would not break and made some earrings to match. I’m really happy with how it turned out and so was Jess – which was the most important part!

necklace weddingdayMy sister wore this on her wedding day, July 21st, and she couldn’t have looked more beautiful! I was so proud of her and glad that I could in some small way contribute to her special day. This necklace and earring set inspired a new Bridal Line for my work with Global Wonders and I can’t wait to keep designing for it!!


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