Photo Shoot for a Cause!!

This week I was so blessed to have been a part of my first real Photo-shoot all based on our NEW Global Wonders Jewelry Line that is coming out this Fall! Everyone who was a part of this shoot donated their time and talents for our shoot to promote Global Wonders Jewelry – a not for profit business venture that is part of the SA Foundation. These amazing women were so talented and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to be a part of – we all just got on so well and everyone’s creativity sparked more brilliance! Honestly I think we created a masterpiece!! Well, several masterpieces actually. We did 6 locations and 7 different looks!! Our team coordinator and photographer extraordinaire was Sandra Leung of Yale Town Photography and Wedding Gallery. We worked together on concept and theme for the shoot that would suit our new jewelry and then thought of what kind of locations we wanted to go with our looks. Sandra created an inspiration pin board on Pinterest, she scouted out some AMAZING locations and timed each location based on lighting!! I learned so much from her and am so thankful for all the hard work she put into this shoot and the opportunity to assist her!! Along with everything else Sandra did for this shoot (aside from Photographing) she also put together our amazing dream team of stylists: hair, make up and wardrobe. For our hair stylist we had Mona Leung of Markus J. Hair & Well-Being and her assistant Claudia (who is a braiding genius!) I could not believe the amazing talent these women have!! Seriously they made each look different and created some amazing styles that I won’t forget soon!! Our make-up artist (seriously she was an artist!) was Margaret Lai who was an absolute gem! She is amazing at what she does and we couldn’t have done it without her!! For our wardrobe stylist we had fashionista genius Kendra Weiss of Fine Finds Boutique and she put together all of our gorgeous outfits from Fine Finds! I had a blast working with her to style each look to go with our amazing jewelry for a cause! And last but most certainly not least was our incredible model Marie V. Sharp – who without whom the whole day wouldn’t have been possible! Marie was absolutely stunning and I couldn’t get over how versatile she was – making each look unique. Not to mention she was a real trooper – she had multiple hair changes, wardrobe changes and people constantly poking and prodding at her ALL DAY and she was still smiling and laughing even at the end of our long day!! I am indebted to all of the beautiful and amazingly talented women who gave of themselves for a cause that is all about empowering women! I am grateful and honestly overwhelmed by all of their generosity and spirits!! HUGE HUGE THANK-YOU to you all!!! I hope we can do it again some time because I had a blast working with you all!!

So without further ado here is a behind the scenes Sneak Peek of our Global Wonders Photo Shoot for our new 2013 Fall/Winter Jewelry Line & Look Book!

FW GW PhotoShoot Boho 3

Sandra Leung directing Marie V. Sharp at our Boho Chic location! Loved the light and tall grass and pretty much everything about this look!!

FW GW PhotoShoot Boho 2

I snagged this shot from the sidelines while assisting and changing jewelry in-between shots! Got stung by stinging nettle for this one – so hope you enjoy!!

FW GW PhotoShoot Boho 1

Marie getting some quick make-up & hair touch ups by Margaret & Mona! Everyone was so HAPPY!! So much fun was had this day!

FW GW PhotoShoot CityDay 1

2nd Location for our shoot was at UBC and here’s Marie getting the most gorgeous braided up-do ever by Mona and her assistant Claudia getting a shot from behind!

FW GW PhotoShoot CityDay 3

Sandra giving Marie some direction for this gorgeous series of shots she did through the window…can’t wait to see the finished product!!

FW GW PhotoShoot Bridal

This is one of my favorite series we shot – the location and lighting were seriously magical!! Marie looked stunning! This is really truly a sneak peek because our new Bridal Line will not be available for at least a year…but when it does oh man!!

FW GW PhotoShoot Bridal 2

just lovely and magical – Marie looked like a wedding fairy princess!

FW GW PhotoShoot Forest 2

I didn’t think it could get better and then it did! These shots for our second look in the forest were so regal! Marie looked like the Queen of the forest!

FW GW PhotoShoot Forest

en Vogue!! Right?!

FW GW PhotoShoot Beach

Our second to last look was sunset on the beach and these looked stunning!!

I’m so excited about our new pieces coming this Fall and seeing the final product from our photo shoot that I could just burst!! All new designs will be released in September and available for purchase then, so stay tuned for more sneak peeks and reveals! All of the above shots were taken on my iPhone 5 – so imagine what the actual proper photographs will look like??!! I can’t wait!! Once again to all of the women involved in this amazing shoot I thank-you from the bottom of my heart!!



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