NEW: Weekly Roundup


So I’ve decided to start a new weekly roundup segment where I’ll share my top 5 favorite things I’ve found on Pinterest, New/Favorite Blogs I discover/read, Favorite Songs of the week, and some Photography tips/posts I’ve found helpful over the week. I’ll also share my high/low this past week and link all this week’s posts here in case you missed out on any (because that would be tragic!), and anything else that tickles my fancy :).

That’s So Pinteresting:

So here are my top 4 picks from Pinterest this week – I do not own any rights to these images; all images have links to their original source 🙂

31Bits4. Love this photo and love what 31 Bits stands for!

coral&turquoise3. This outfit is so me it’s not even funny, in fact it should just make its way into my closet right now!

Beach Radio2. Love this Beach Radio by Anthropologie…I think I must have it!

carefree1. Carefree! Love this B&W Image from

Favorite Blogs & Newly Discovered Blogs:

1. Oh, Sweet Joy!

Love this blog – its so cute the way it’s designed and I love all the topics Kim covers here!

2. JellyBean Pictures

First of all I love Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman’s photography – she does lifestyle children’s photography and likes to keep it REAL! Something I’m about, while adding her own style and “voice” to the pictures she captures.

3. A Beautiful Mess

I honestly can’t say enough about these girls over at A Beautiful Mess! It’s a fabulous lifestyle blog that I love to frequent. They also came up with one of my most favorite apps #ABeautifulMess (stay tuned for an app review).

Favorite Songs of the Week:

Best Photography Tips:

This week I read this awesome post for photographers – both professional and beginners – about getting out of your own way! Really great insight from someone who is an amazing photographer (Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman of JellyBean Pictures).  She shares about how all photographers struggle with insecurities and how we get in our own way with all our doubts and self-deprecating thoughts! Her post was featured on Rock the Shot (another great site for photography!) and can be found on the link below:

This Week’s High/Low:

Well the highlight was definitely being a part of my lil sister’s wedding! We’ve planned and dreamed of that day and it finally arrived and was absolutely magical!

The low part would definitely be the exhaustion we’ve all been feeling this week as we begin to get back to normal…I just can’t seem to shake the tired sleepiness off! Hopefully this weekend will bring refreshment and rest!!

This Week’s Posts:

Mawage is wot bwings us togeder

Oh how we love the furballs in our lives – People & their Pets

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Getting Street Smart – More Lessons Learned in my Street Photography Class

“I want to ride my Bicycle”

HAPPY WEEKEND all you beautiful readers of mine! Enjoy yourselves and get out there and do something fun!!



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