“I want to ride my Bicycle”

OK, confession time – I actually don’t ride a bike…you know the saying it’s like riding a bike? Well I’m living proof that that statement is NOT true! I used to ride a bike when I was a kid and somewhere along the way that skill just vanished…seriously, poof gone. I’ve tried a couple of times to revive that skill and even once while in Australia but just couldn’t keep my balance. It is a bit embarrassing I know, but I’ve gotten used to being embarrassed – I can’t whistle either. So anyways, point of the story is, since this realization that I can no longer do something I used to be able to do with ease – fear obviously gets in the way – I’ve become a bit obsessed with shooting bikes! It was kind of subconscious at first – I had no idea I was doing this until all of the sudden I had a massive file called bikes on my hard drive! Also some of my friends pointed it out to me that I was always drawn to bikes while out on field trips – and they suggested that I make bikes the subject of my term assignment for Street Photography.

So now I am having a dilemma, I have so MANY bike shots and I only need 5-7 for my term assignment! I am only using ones I’ve shot since I began my course and have somehow managed to filter through the couple hundred different shots and narrow it down to these 25! I’ve numbered each one and given them a title and would LOVE any input/feedback you can give me – which ones are your favorite?? Please help me pick!

Thanks for stopping by AND thank-you in advance for your help in picking the final images for my term assignment 🙂

Oh, and I also wanted to give a shout-out to this awesome dude Brian Salls who built his own bike – and he sells them!! Really cool guy I met on one of my many days out shooting and I absolutely loved his bike. It’s gorgeous!




5 thoughts on ““I want to ride my Bicycle”

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