Oh how we love the furballs in our lives – People & their Pets

Our pets say a lot about who we are as people. They reflect our personalities, they give the world around us a glimpse of who we are underneath all our layers. Pets become part of our families, they are an extension of us. They love us unconditionally whether we deserve it or not – something I’m thankful for!

One my Street Photography assignments was to go out and shoot people with their pets. We had to create a series of pictures of people interacting with their dogs at Stanley Park – looking for humor & juxtaposition; remembering our role to “notice how things can be shown in surprising & illuminating ways”; and mixing both candid shots with portraiture. We were to also submit one shot in both color and Black & White – so we could compare the differences and note the way color or lack of color changes an image.

It was one of the most gorgeous days we had had all summer and there were people and their pets everywhere!! In Vancouver if the sun is out than so are we – because who knows how long it will be before the next bought of rain :). It was fun to just observe how people interact with their pets – to see who exactly is in charge. I had a hard time choosing my favorites but I’ve narrowed it down to these ones below. Hope you enjoy!



8 thoughts on “Oh how we love the furballs in our lives – People & their Pets

  1. What a great idea, photographing people and their pets interacting. I think I might have to try that out.
    Who did you find in charge most of the time? 🙂

    • Thank you so much Kateyleigh! It was really fun and people are so much more approachable when with their dogs – they almost want to show them off! Plus if the shot is good you can email it to them :). I found in my observation that mostly the dogs were in charge – the people only thought they were 😉

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