Mawage is wot bwings us togeder


Save the Date for Jess & Lance (©NLaug2013)

So it has been a while!! I’m so sorry for abandoning you all for so long – and I want to thank-you all for sticking it out with me! My baby Sis got married this past weekend so the last few weeks have been all about checklists and last minute crafting and details details details!! Needless to say the ol’ blog has been pretty low on the priority list, and I apologize for that neglect!

I am so incredibly happy for my sister Jess and her new hubby Lance! It’s hard to believe that their wedding came so fast and is now over!! Now comes the real part – marriage. I wish them both all the happiness and love possible, I have faith that they’ll last. It feels like it was just the other day that I shot their Save the Date pics (my fav is the one above) for them and now that date is past. Crazy how something that takes months and months of preparation and planning only last mere hours – so worth it!! It was such a special day full of love and laughter and family (both old and new). Jess looked amazing – and everything went off without a hitch – I even made it through my speech without crying, of course it helped that I had props and lots of jokes! Here are a few shots I got in between all my Maid of Honor duties on my iPhone! I love you Jess! And you too Lancelot!


Congrats to my sis & new bro!


You did it!! High Five! (made with Rhonna Designs app)


Handmade Props by yours truly! (Printable from Oh Happy Day)


Photo-booths are so FUN!!

I can’t wait to see all the amazing beautiful photos taken by Danielle Acken of Acken Studios!! Also stay tuned for pics of Jess’ wedding jewelry and my design inspiration for it :).




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