The not so Secret Garden Party

Tea Time

This past weekend we had my sister’s bridal shower on the most perfectly gorgeous Sunday afternoon you ever did see! We were out in our old home town of beautiful Agassiz in a friend’s to die for backyard. I’m serious it looks like it came right out of a home & garden magazine!! For the shower we went for a tea party vibe and used all my grandma’s old mismatched tea cups to decorate and drink out of! We cut fresh roses from the garden and put them in tea cups all over the place and it looked magical!

It was such a lovely afternoon of just visiting with old friends – full of laughter and dreaming and tea! We had an impromptu photo shoot where we dressed up the bride to be and put on something silly ourselves – which for us was way more fun than playing any shower games! I can’t believe my sister is getting married in less than 2 weeks!!! CRAZY! I’m so happy for her and feel so blessed to get to be a part of everything – I’m even designing her wedding necklace (photos to come!). I just thought I’d share some of my shots from the day – I think they turned out so great!! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Oh, also I recently purchased these amazing presets for Lightroom (which is what I use to edit all my photos) from Pretty Presets for Lightroom and I just LOVE THEM!! Check them out – they’re pretty awesome. I honestly can’t wait to keep playing with them. For most of my shots above I used Rosewood or Chamomile and I think they give a great vintage feel to the photos which is exactly the look I was going for 😉

Have a wonderful day!


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