Remeber When? – Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

cassettetapesThis weeks Photo Challenge is: Nostalgic. A great chance to reflect on the good ol’ days way back when penny candies were really a penny! Wait…remember the Penny??! Back when the best way to let someone know how you really felt about them you made them a Mix Tape! That was like the ultimate! Back when no one had cell phones but Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell – and lets face it he looked ridiculous carrying that thing around! Back when you played outside with your friends until the street lights came on… So many good memories!

Cassette LoveCassette Tape Love

*Snap*Shoot*Film*Film ~ Snap ~ Shoot

Mr Stay-Puffed from Ghostbusters!!

Mr Stay-Puffed from Ghost busters!!

Oh my gosh! Remember Cheez Balls??! My most favorite and beloved snack from way back when!

Thanks for coming on my little trip down memory lane for a moment! What are some of the things you get nostalgic for from your childhood?



2 thoughts on “Remeber When? – Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

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