A Few of My Favorite Things – July Blog Challenge

So I came across this July Blog Challenge on Adventures of a Wannabe Writer and it was such a fun idea! Obviously I’m a bit behind schedule and will most likely not partake in every single challenge but I thought it’d be kinda fun to share and to see how many I can complete. It’s always fun to mix it up a bit and challenge yourself so I hope some of you will be inspired to partake in this challenge too! 🙂

So I’m starting on Day 2: List 10 of your favorite things, doesn’t have to be your most favorite, just ten things you like. Even though it’s already day 3 :p I’m starting there because it’s a good place to start and I want to share a few of my favorite things with you.

10 of My Favorite Things:

1. My Camera! Where would I be without my Canon?!?! I don’t even want to think about it! Since I’ve started shooting again I can’t see myself ever going back – it is my escape.


just an ordinary rebel – like my camera!

I normally shoot digital mostly but have decided that to be a better photography I really need to go back to the basics and learn to shoot with film.

film canon

Film – where it all started!

2. Coffee – Seriously I can’t even begin to comprehend starting my day without coffee!!




3. Vegemite on Toast – Since going to Australia I’ve developed a certain love for Vegemite, it’s my new favorite thing to snack on for breakie!

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast of champions

4. Music – Good tunes make even the worst day better! Here’s a new band I recently discovered via Music Suggestions by rbieze – seriously Les Enfants new EP is perfection for your ears!! Also rbieze blog is worth a follow as he’s got ridiculously good taste.

5. Traveling! – I love going to new places and discovering all there is to discover! Finding the best food and meeting amazing new friends!

taking flight

Let’s go on an adventure!

The View from beyond the Fingal Light House!!

The View from beyond the Fingal Light House – in Australia!!

6. Candy Crush – I have seriously become obsessed with this game! We have a love/hate relationship going on – with very strong emotional reactions to levels failed or sugar crushed! Those of you who play it understand, those who don’t you should probably get on that quick! (click on the link to get from iTunes)


7. Tacos – There are few foods I enjoy more than pizza, and tacos are one of them! Mmmm delicioso!

_MG_1041 2012-13-08 13-06-




8. Reading! – Honestly it is one of my most favorite things to do! Bookstores are my candy shop and I always come out with way too many goodies! I just finished this brilliant book: “The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow” by Rita Leganski – Highly recommend it 🙂 It’s a beautifully told story of love and forgiveness and the power of secrets all set in the magical New Orleans.silenceofbonaventurearrow

9. Hamish & Andy’s Podcasts – If you need a good laugh then Ham & Ando can come to your rescue! I discovered these guys while in Australia and I rarely go a day without listening to one of their podcasts – especially if when I’m missing Aus! (Click on the link below and check them out)


10. Watching Spanish Telenovelas with my mom 🙂 – I know, but seriously everyone needs a good guilty pleasure and mine is getting sucked into these dramatic, crazy, emotional stories with my mom! Oh and did I forget to mention they all end – they don’t go on forever! AND I’m practicing my Spanish! Enough excuses, I like them. My favorite one we just finished is called Amorcito Corazon – it had everything – drama, comedy, heart and characters that were just so lovable!


So those are a few of my favorite things at the moment in no particular order! What are some of yours?

Thanks for stopping by!


PS, Here’s the list for the 31 Day challenge in case you want participate as well 🙂

JULY BLOG Challenge:

Day 1: Write your own imaginary obituary, can be anything you want

Day 2: List 10 of your favorite things, doesn’t have to be your most favorite, just ten things you like

Day 3: Create a fictional character and describe them in 500 words or less

Day 4: List 10 things you wish were true but are not, example: I wish the sky was pink instead of blue

Day 5: Create a superhero and describe them in 500 words or less

Day 6: If you only had 3 wishes, what would they be (no wishing for more wishes)

Day 7: Make up a language, what would it be called, who would speak it, where do they live?

Day 8: List your 10 all time favorite movies

Day 9: Create a villain and describe them in 500 words or less

Day 10: List 5 things you like about July and 5 things you dislike

Day 11: Describe your dream house in 500 words or less, what kind of house, what setting?

Day 12: List three memorable moments from childhood

Day 13: Make up a short fairy tale (has to have a moral to the story)

Day 14: List three memorable moments of adulthood

Day 15: If you could have any pet you wanted, what would it be? (can be imaginary or real)

Day 16: List the five jobs you would love to have held, imaginary or real

Day 17: If you could find out any one piece of information/truth what would you want to know and how would you obtain this information/truth?

Day 18: List 10 different categories you might create for different people if you were given the task of sorting people for some reason

Day 19: Describe an alien invasion of Earth in 500 words or less             

Day 20: List 3 monuments you would like to see created

Day 21: Tell the life story of a fictional character in 1000 words or less

Day 22: List 5 people you wish existed

Day 23: If you had the power to time travel – would you, where would you visit, what would you do?

Day 24: List 5 places you wish existed

Day 25: Create a fictional world and describe it in 500 words or less

Day 26: List 5 – 10 books you wish had been written

Day 27: If you were famous describe what you would be famous for, how you became famous, what you would do with your fame

Day 28: List 5 things you wish you had said and to whom

Day 29: If you had the power to create one thing and bring it into existence, what would you create?

Day 30: List your 10 favorite characters from books, television, movies, whatever

Day 31: Write a flash fiction piece involving your fictional character, your hero and your villain.


4 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things – July Blog Challenge

    • Thanks so much! I’m just learning to shoot in film – it’s so different from digital! You can’t just take a million shots you have to be more choosey 🙂 It’s a challenge but I’m liking it! Do you in shoot film too?

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