On Learning to Run…AGAIN

just kindding~It’s funny cause it’s true!~

This shirt is so me!! I hate working out – I’d rather take a nap or go out & photograph stuff. But I’ve decided to start running again…I used to run a lot, it was a great way to get away, to escape, to just be. Now however it is a challenge! I’m older, I haven’t ran in years – at least not consistently – and I now find myself in a place where I keep hitting wall after wall! Not literally, I can see where I’m going :). BUT mentally, and physically as well by not stretching, having BAD shin splints, oh ya and don’t get me started on breathing! There are a LOT of things to factor into running, especially when you want to avoid injuries!

So since I’ve been kinda lazy I decided to start running again using the Couch-2-5k (C25K) training program. I’m in week 4 of the 9 week program and so far it has been going well-ish.The program is designed to get you up off the couch and to start running and walking in manageable increments so that you can succeed and maintain the program with little to no injuries. I really like the program and am hoping to actually complete it – as one of my goals is to train for and run in a half marathon!! Overall I feel like I am improving – I can definitely run longer than when I started.


But I have to re-learn things that seem so basic – like breathing! It should be simple you breath in and out – but not the case for running! You have to breathe in 3 steps and breathe out 2 steps…sounds fairly simple but then you add music, ADD and forgetting to count and there goes your breathing rhythm! Also factor into that my asthma and you have the making of some very sad lungs!

Another thing that I struggle with in this quest to run is horrible, no good, very BAD shin splints! Seriously, after my first week of running I began to develop them – and the pain was so bad I began wishing I had no legs. I iced and iced my lower legs like I had an endless supply of ice. I felt like a complete failure – how can I possibly keep this up? I can’t! It’s only week 2 of this bloody program and I want to die! Not from exhaustion, but extreme pain! It was then I had to decide – do I give up because it’s hard and it hurts? OR do I find a solution and keep going? I chose to find a solution! So I did some research – there is a wealth of info out there not just on running but on shin splints! The best site I found was www.shins-splints.co.uk – it goes into heaps of info and articles on how they are caused, how to treat them and how to avoid them. So I learned a very valuable lesson – WARM UP & STRETCH are just as important as COOL DOWN & STRETCH! So I make sure to warm up AND stretch BEFORE I run – not always easy cause I just want to get to it, but a necessity!

Make sure to warm up & STRETCH! or suffer….

Another thing I’m learning about running is that I was doing it wrong! I had the wrong shoes which caused me to “Heel Strike Run”, which can cause shin splints. So now I’ve got some new shoes, Nike Free Run 4.0, and am working on “Forefoot Running” – actually the shoes kind of force me to run that way! Honestly they are so much more comfortable than my old shoes, more flex and also did I mention they’re bright orange and fabulous?!

photoFit & Fab – that’s the goal!

So that’s where I’m at with running – it’s hard but I’m not giving up! I hope for any of you out there that can relate this helps make you not feel so bad or alone, and maybe inspires you to keep at it :). You can do it!



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