Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is In the Background…

It’s an interesting challenge because it can be interpreted in so many different ways leaving a wide open door for creativity! The idea is that we often blur out the background to put our subject or ourselves front and center and can lose sight of what it was that we wanted to capture in the first place…so we are challenged to capture that background. Think outside the box and shoot your subjects reflection making them in the background.

It got me thinking about being in the background and how sometimes I find it easier to just hide out there. It’s “safer” somehow to not be seen, to blend in, to go unnoticed…but “safer” or easier is not always better. It can ultimately hold you back from what you really want and can stand in the way of chasing your dreams! Anyways I really had no intention of getting all deep and meaningful but there you have it! Here are some of my shots for this weeks challenge, I shot all but the last one this week at Granville Island, enjoy!





sunniesI thought I’d end with this shot of me in the background but at the same time in focus and ready to move from the background to the center – to stop letting fears hold me back!

Hope you have a great weekend and do something that gets you out of the background and into the focus – even if it terrifies you!



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