Fun Friday: OFFSPRING is Back!!!!

So Offspring Season 4 has FINALLY started!! I got addicted to this show while living in Australia and I could hardly stand to wait for what was going to happen next to Nina & Patrick! I was even lucky enough while in Melbourne to spot some filming for the show in Fitzroy, the neighborhood where the show mostly takes place. I wanted to go for coffee in the area so I could imagine being on the set of Offspring and suddenly I heard a familiar laugh – I looked up and spotted Asher Keddie who plays Nina Proudman! Suddenly I was watching them filming a scene where Nina is frantically running into the street…naturally I had to snag a couple of shots as proof that I was there, that I saw this scene before it aired! This was back in late November 2012

offspring2offspring1 offspring3

So imagine my surprise when I watched the very first episode of Season 4 and saw Nina frantically running into the street late for her first counseling appointment!!! It was kind of surreal and awesome and I could scarcely take it all in! Here’s the evidence in some still frames from the episode:

OffspringNinaMelbourneOffspringPatrickNinaCounsellorNina's outfit!

Watching the first episode of Offspring made me miss my beloved Australia and all my lovely friends who are there while I am here! I’m so glad that I found a great site where I can watch all the new episodes so I can keep up to date with all the mishaps and drama that takes place in Fitzroy with the Proudman family. So much happened in just the first episode – it made me laugh and cry and gasp out loud in shock! Aussie TV at it’s finest! Looks like its going to be one crazy season packed with classic ups and downs – I don’t know how I’ll watch it alone! Take a look at this clip for next week’s episode! I already don’t like this Eloise chick…

Hope you watch and begin to love this show as much as I do!

Happy Friday 🙂



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