Road Trip Revisited

So it’s been a while since I blogged…I’m sorry! I got back from my road trip last week and literally crashed! I had a head cold and just rested, without guilt, without plans or deadlines – just rested. It was wonderful! Now I’m back at the office and trying to catch up on all my projects and paperwork…back to reality. Needless to say I am busy, and in that business I have neglected my beautiful creative space called Picture This My Way! So I am back and I thought I’d share a few of my favorite moments from along the road, some of my favorite pictures from beautiful Northern Alberta, and my road trip playlist! Because really what good is a road trip without a killer playlist??!

The trip was pretty awesome! My dad and I spent 17 days on the road meeting with churches and individual monthly donors for The SA Foundation and setting up some events for the Fall fundraising season. I met so many amazing people and was so blessed to hear their stories and be able to share all the amazing things that are happening with beautiful women we serve. We also sold a lot of our gorgeous Global Wonders jewelry – all hand made in Nepal by our Serve Nepal project!

Oh Gatsby“Oh Gatsby” – One of my favorite pieces from this season!

It was also just fun to just travel and see the gorgeous landscape of Northern Alberta! It is so different from BC – where Vancouver is green and lush, the trees there were just beginning to come back to life from winter and the grass was golden yellow. I saw so many deer, and rabbits and even Moose!! That was pretty cool! They’re a lot bigger than I thought they’d be up close.

Birch TreesSpring in Northern Alberta!

20130506-144346.jpgUnfortunately the ONLY Moose shot I got 😦

Open FieldsSo flat and open!

My favorite thing was stopping in all of these tiny little towns and finding the best pie EVER, or the coolest antique shop, or seeing all the local farmers meet for coffee at the local diner! My dad and I love antiquing and finding treasures almost as much as we love finding and buying books (old & new) and getting lost in their stories! So we had so much fun scouring all the little towns and shops for interesting finds. I ended up finding an old Brownie Hawkeye camera to start my vintage camera collection again!

The Jolly FarmerBest Pub in Ponoka!

cheersMe and dad having a pint after a LONG day!

Kodak BrownieMy AMAZING find of the day! Love my Brownie Hawkeye!

dadMy silly dad making a face cuz he hates having his picture taken! The Blue Apple Cafe in Debolt AB has the best desserts!!

Smile - Pass it OnRandom find in a Random place – πŸ™‚ pass it on…

vintage hair salonRandom spotting at the Antique mall! Can you imagine going to a salon back in the day? Looks like you’d risk burning your hair or getting electrocuted!

Burger BarnBest Burgers – too bad they were closed that day…next time Millet!

Iron Man!Random spotting of Iron Man in the Grande Prairie Mall!

new chucksNew kicks!

So all in all out trip was a success! I loved hanging out with my dad and getting to know all you wonderful people of AB!! Thanks for the memories!! Here are a few shots from the plane ride home, gotta love the Rocky Mountains.

flight homeFair well Edmonton!

rocky mountainsHello Gorgeous!

Oh, ALMOST Forgot! Here is the link to my Road Trip MixTape! It’s a little bit country as an ode to AB, but also has some Indie, some current mainstream hits and a few faves. Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚



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