Going on a Road Trip


So I’m going on a trip for work to Alberta – I fly to Edmonton and then we’ll drive across Northern Alberta for the next two weeks. I’m super excited to go because I haven’t done too much traveling across Canada, especially driving – which gives you a better sense of what a place is like, you get to see all the small towns and meet awesome people. I love road trips – endless tunes, bad books on tape (I mean CD but tape sounds better!), road snacks and random pit stops! Those amazing dives and diners that you talk about for years later! I am really looking forward to this one too because my dad is coming with me. It’ll be nice to spend some one-on-one time with him – we work together and see each other all the time but that’s different. This will be some good bonding time, time I won’t always get and so I’m going to cherish it!


One thing I’m NOT looking forward too is how COLD it is going to be there in Northern Alberta! I’ve been quite spoiled here in Vancouver – it is spring, all the flowers are out and the cherry blossoms are splashing the pavement with petals, it’s been quite warm over the last few weeks too. Now I have to dig out my winter parka and prepare to face SNOW! There will be no barefoot dashboard pics! Mostly just bundled up so much that you can barely make out my face pics :). Oh well, now that I’ve had my winge about it I don’t really care any more – I’m going on a road trip for work! I get to be out of the office for two weeks and do some traveling across a province I’ve barely seen! I get to practice my photography skills – there will ample time to take heaps of photos along the way so stay tuned for updates from the road! I’ll share our rare road sitings and random travel stories with you! I’ll even share one of my awesome road trip mixes of fabulous tunes! For now I’ll leave you with the first track which is this awesome new song that I can’t get enough of! It’s called “Chocolate” (I know! Winning already!) by The 1975 – Enjoy!

I hope you like it! AND that it gets stuck in your head all day! That’s all for now – but I’ll keep you posted along the way 🙂



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