Canon Girl for LIFE

film canon

“FILM” – My new baby! (©NLaug2013)

Exciting news ladies & gents – I got a new camera to play with! And surprise surprise it’s a Canon! I just can’t help myself ever since I got my first Canon I haven’t looked anywhere else. My latest addition to my camera bag is an old Canon AE-1 film camera and am so excited to start playing with it! I have really only shot point & shoot film cameras without putting any thought into what I’m doing – just to take a photo and hope it turns out. But with this camera I’ll have more control over everything! How much light I let in, how fast the shutter will close, and it’ll hopefully change the way I shoot photos in the long run – film & digital.

film canon2Canon Art – Made with Repix 🙂 (©NLaug2013)

I’m excited to start experimenting with it and nervous all at the same time! I mean I can’t just delete the photo I don’t like and start over…I have to really think before I click…and then I have to WAIT and see if I did it right! It will hopefully make me more intentional, and also fine tune all the skills I’ve learned in my classes. I’m also having low expectations, I know my first roll of film will be pretty crap! If not well than I will be quite surprised!

film canon3My favorite part is the retro camera strap I must confess! (©NLaug2013)

Stay tuned as I explore the wonderful world of film! I’ll share my struggles and triumphs with you as I learn how to see and shoot photos in a whole new way! Please share any tips and tricks with me if you are familiar with film photography! I could use all the advice and help I can get 🙂


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