Remix, Restyle, Rejoice with Repix – an App Review

So a few weeks ago I discovered a new app called Repix – it allows you to add really unique touches to your photos – and I haven’t been able to stop using it since! Repix is more than just a filter app, with the swipe of your finger you can turn your ordinary photo into a work of art. You can change your photo into a painting using one of the many brush effects – hatch, daubs, Van Gogh, or spray. You can add cool effects like stars or water drips or sun flare or even gun smoke! It is very user friendly and any brush you try can easily be undone so you don’t have to worry about starting all over.  AND the best part is it’s FREE!! Yep I said it, it’s free! The app itself is free and comes with several brushes for free but they do have more that you can buy which is what I did after about a week of playing with it! Instead of going on and on about how AWESOME Repix is I thought I’d show you some samples. Hope you like them!

Remixing with Repix:


Original image (I know a bit boring, but that’s the point! Ordinary into art!)


Shadow Art Repix style! I used several of the brushes to get the overall effect – I love the freedom of playing with all the brushes and adding lots of layers because it gives the image texture and depth.


Original Image – I added a few filters in Aviator & Snapseed.


Boots – Repix style! How much more fun is this image over the original? They look like they’ve really been out in the rain and almost painted on! I used a lot of the paint/art brushes to really give it that mixed medium look. The last brush I used was DRIPS which gives water-color like drips in the colors found within the photo, I really love this brush and find I use it a lot!

A Little MORE creative Repixing:


Original Photo I took of the sun, not much to look at, but I knew there was potential in it so I kept it to use later…glad I did!


First round in Repix – I used the Hollywood brush to bring out some colors in the photo, then added some flare spots, a few stars and water drips for added texture.


Third and final round in Repix – I used a lot of the art/paint brushes especially DAUBS and just dotted and swirled my finger over the photo until I had the desired effect. Next were a few swipes of DRIP for more texture (I really like that one!), AND then I added stars withe star brush to make it look like a starry night like.

sun turned moon-final stage

Finished product after adding text with OVER – a really great app for adding text in layers over your images, definitely check it out if you haven’t already! They have a free version of the app if you want to try it first and see how you like it and it has heaps of fonts!

rainy view

Original image – nothing special but once again I knew that there was something there within this rainy view!

rainy street

I edited this photo in Snapseed and Aviator adding filters and adjusting the clarity.

Repix-rainy street

Rainy View – Repix style! I added a few flares, a few drips here and there and some stars. I daubed in areas to add texture and then once I was satisfied with the finished product I stopped. You don’t have to add too many brushes and layers to get the desired look you want – it’s not too far off from the edited version of this image and that is what I wanted. Just enough character to make it stand out a bit more.

final with text

Finished Product after adding text with OVER

So there you have it folks – an amazingly fun and creative app called Repix. I would encourage you to check it out, especially if you like to play with your images and make them into art! An awesome addition to any iphoneographer’s “camera bag”, with it’s equal parts paint and photo editing capabilities!



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