31 Day March Photo Challenge – WEEK 4

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a very blessed and wonderful Easter weekend!! I know I did, it was so good to just take some time to reflect on what Easter means to me personally and soak it all in. It was also really nice to have a few extra days off work to hang out with family and friends and fit in some me time. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect here in Vancouver either! It was absolutely gorgeous and so warm it felt almost like summer!

So my journey in the March 31 Day Photo Challenge through iHeartFaces has finally come to an end. I had such a great time taking on this daily photo challenge and am a bit sad that it’s over now :(. I loved being given a word or theme and running with it, good or bad, it was fun to take on the challenge and complete it! So here are my last six days of the challenge, I hope you enjoy!

Day 26 – Collage

I made this collage with all my favorite rainy day photos from the last month. All the photos were taken with my iPhone 5 and edited with various apps. The app I used to make the collage is Fuzel Pro – a really fun app with lots of different and creative ways to make collages!

Day 27 – 5pm

I went out on a run and nearly forgot to get my 5pm photo! I figure since it’s still within the 5 o’clock hour it counts!

Day 28 – Back-lit

There are several ways to interpret ‘back-lit’ in photography – where the subject is being hit with light from behind (as seen in the photo I shot), or a silhouette can be considered a ‘back-lit’ photo and the contrast is often stunning when done well! And many of the silhouettes I saw were amazing! I was just grabbing some drinks and put them on the window ledge while I closed the fridge and grabbed the bottle opener – when I turned around they were getting this awesome back light from the sun coming in the window and I had to grab a shot!

Day 29 – Fluffy

One of my favorite movies is Despicable Me because of little Agnes! I just LOVE her “It’s so FLUFFY I’m gonna DIE!” quote! That was the first thing that came to mind so I shared this photo I found on Pinterest.

Day 30 – Pastel

My favorite pastel outfit! Pale teal skinnies with pink heels :).

#minieggs my fav #Easter #candy

A post shared by Naph (@lilnaph) on

Some of my pastel mini-eggs! Best Easter candy EVER! In my humble opinion.

Day 31 – Sky

Perfect blue skies and the first cherry blossoms of spring were what I saw when looking up on Easter morning. Couldn’t ask for a better sky! Hope is found in Spring – the dead of winter is over and new life emerges popping up everywhere you look to remind you that hope springs – it rises out of the things that were dead and lives again!

Thanks for coming along with me as I did this awesome challenge! It is the first of many I hope 🙂



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