31 Day March Photo Challenge – WEEK 3

So it is week three of the iHeartFaces March Photo Challenge – I’m actually proud of myself for sticking with it for this long! Yeah! I don’t love all my entries for each day’s theme/word, but I did it anyways and that’s okay. So here are my photos from this past week, I hope you enjoy :).

Day 19 – Door

I live in this really old house with beautiful old features like this door knob. It has always made me think of Alice in Wonderland – can you see the face?

Day 20 – On your feet

What’s on my feet? “Love Socks” they were given to me by a very dear friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a while and when I wear them I think of her! Miss you C!

Day 21 – Close-up

I did 2 close-ups just because 🙂 – this one is a close-up of the ice left over in my drink

Close-up #2 – Cheers!

Day 22 – Rule of Thirds

I took this while waiting for the bus – and using the grid feature on my iPhone thought it fit in the ROT guidelines 🙂

Day 23 – Moon

31 Day March Photo Challenge day 23 – moon #iheartfaces #kidsbooks #photochallenge

A post shared by Naph (@lilnaph) on

“Goodnight Moon” is one of my fave stories!

My favorite quote about the moon! I edited the photo (which actually was of the sun, shhh…) in an new app called Repix. Then added the quote using Over.

Day 24 – Style

My style is eclectic! I love leopard print, bright colors and bold accessories. I just wear whatever I want and that’s my style!

Day 25 – Guilty Pleasure

Mmmm…Chocolate Chip Cookie dough! What’s not to love??!

Day 25 shhhh…. #guiltypleasure #sweettooth #iheartfaces #photoaday #photochallenge

A post shared by Naph (@lilnaph) on

Shh….my secret (not-so-secret-now) snack drawer at work!

So that was my week 3 in Photos – thanks for joining me over this past month! Next week I’ll post the final 6 days of the 31 Day photo challenge so stay tuned 🙂


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