31 Day March Photo Challenge – WEEK 2

I decided to participate in this 31 Day March Photo Challenge through iHeartFaces – a really awesome resource and community for photographers both novice and intermediate! I chose the challenge because it was a personal goal to enter into more photo challenges this year, and because March is phoneography month! Since I’m fairly new to the whole iPhoneography world it gave me a good excuse to practice and get better acquainted with Instagram and my other photog apps 🙂 . I also just liked the idea of being given a word or theme that you could freely interpret and create from. It is a great form of personal expression and I love seeing how everyone else interprets the word/theme each day! Some days where harder than others, some words/themes made me more inspired than others obviously, but either way I felt a sense of accomplishment in completing the challenge each day! I finished something that I started.

So here are my photos from week 2 of the 31 Day iHeartFaces Photo Challenge:

Day 9 – Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t love Chocolate Chip Cookies? Loved the cookies, loved the quote!

Day 10 – Time

31 Day March Photo Challenge day 10 – time #iheartfaces #marchphotochallenge #time

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My running watch – the only one I actually wear!

Day 11 – Apple

For this one I had two photos – just couldn’t decide which one I liked more so I’ll let you decide!

“A is for…”

“…Keeps the doctor away!”

Day 12 – Sweet Dreams

Nearly forgot this day! Grabbed my fav teddy and added some type from Over

Day 13 – Art

These are two cute prints I bought at the Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne – done by a local artist mixing mediums of photography & graphics. They featured local train/tram stops and turned them into a cute saying! Couldn’t pick so I bought both and posted both!

Day 14 – Eye Level

Cheers! Our pre-game drinks at eye level 🙂

Eye/Ice Level!! #iheartfaces #photochallenge #canucks

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My eye-level/ice-level view of the Canucks game!

Day 15 – What’s in your bag?

Pretty standard really – a scarf, wallet, lip gloss, lipstick, lotion, Kleenex, change purse, mp3 player, and the program from last night’s game

Day 16 – Big vs Tiny

This was my favorite photo of the week! I love my little turtle I bought in the markets of Mexico – it always makes me smile! I was definitely inspired on this shot – love contrasting things!

Day 17 – Green

Happy St Patty’s Day!

#greenbeer #iheartfaces #photochallenge #stpattysday

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Day 18 – Morning Beverage

I couldn’t begin my day without my morning coffee!! That first cup of the day is kind of sacred – its hot liquid comfort in a cup, its that hit of caffeine to kick start your day, its a moment of serenity before the chaos of the day!

Well that is it for my week 2 of the 31 Day Photo challenge! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look 🙂 . If you want to join in on the challenge it’s still possible to jump on board! Check out the link below for details and also check out their tutorials and resources 🙂




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