31 Day March Photo Challenge – Week 1!

This week was the first week of March and the first week of the 31 Day Photo Challenge I accepted, and what a week! I’ve been sick with tonsillitis and playing catch-up at work ever since, so I felt like the beginning of this challenge was quite the challenge! A challenge to actually do it and a challenge to do it well… Needless to say I’m not 100% satisfied with my submissions! But then again when am I ever?! Or when is any photographer really 100% happy with their work?!

So here are my submissions for this week:

Day 2 – Favorite

#gocanucksgo #gamenight

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Favorite team – Vancouver Canucks! Fav players – Kevin Bieksa & David Booth


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Favorite random thing that I collect – Pineapples!!

Day 3 – Happy

What makes me happy is really very simple – lazy Sunday afternoons with a hot cuppa tea and my fav book!

Day 4 – Out of Focus

This is a random object in my room upclose and out of focus – take a guess

Day 5 – #widn (what I’m doing now)

Home SICK! 😦

Day 6 – Straight

31 Day March Photo Challenge day 6 – straight #iheartfaces #marchphotochallenge

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I kind of interpreted straight into line

31 Day March Photo Challenge day 6 – straight #iheartfaces #marchphotochallenge

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Lines/straight version 2 – I like this one better 🙂

Day 7 – Key

Play those keys!

These old keys #pianolove #music

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These old keys

Day 8 – Leap

This is one of many leaping/jumping pics from my trip to Australia! Beach jumping is the most fun!

Second interpretation of “leap” – this time thinking outside the box – I took a leap and tried something new, and what-do-ya-know? It’s weirdly good!

All photos were taken on my iPhone 5 – with the exception of my beach jumping in Aus, that was taken on my friend’s iPhone 4S and I edited it in a couple different apps on my own phone. Next week I’m hoping to actually get out there and take some of the photos on my DSLR and have some fun trying to put my on take on each daily challenge. AND I hope to post my daily submission here on my blog as well (I’ve been mainly posting on Instagram for convenience sake). Hope you enjoyed and that y’all had a better and more inspiring week than I did!! Happy weekend!!



10 thoughts on “31 Day March Photo Challenge – Week 1!

    • Hi Ree, It looks like you have a similar problem to what I had. All I did was make sure that the link I copied was on a separate line and was not centered (so to the left of the page). Then I made sure any text or photos I inserted after where also on a separate line. Then I hit the preview button to see if it worked. Hope that helps 🙂 I’m still learning this stuff too.

      • That’s weird that it worked for two and not for all! What if you take out the gallery, and highlight the entire post – making sure that it is all to the left? On your page the last 2 instagrams look like one long link…I don’t know – I’m still learning all this stuff too! Maybe ask Cheri again? She’s always been fast to reply and helpful.

      • Did you try checking the text tab? It’s in the edit post section – usually when writing a post your on the visual tab. If you look at the text tab it might show extra codes around your link preventing the image from being shown.

      • yeah, i did. i dont see anything. in fact, i tried a new post with just those two pics. it’s so strange.. only links are displayed. 😦

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