Rainy Day Blahs!

rainy day

rainy day

Today it is raining buckets AGAIN!! It is dark and gloomy and making me feel just BLAH! I hate when the weather gets like this, it makes me feel tired and lethargic. I love rainy days when I can be lazy – cozy up with a great book and a hot cup of tea and escape into another world. BUT I rarely get that luxury! I despise rainy days when they go on ALL week and I have to work and have a jam-packed busy schedule. Especially here in Vancouver – the cold is so damp it goes straight into your bones and takes hours to feel warmth again! You feel like you are constantly fighting off a cold, you get soaked even with an umbrella and if you don’t have a decent pair of rain boots forget-about-it!! As a Vancouverite I am proud to say I live here, I love this city, we have such an amazing vibrant culture (not to mention the Vancouver Canucks). BUT the weather can really get you down…the days and even weeks on end of rain are enough to drive you crazy! You consider moving because it’s so awful…and then you wake up and it is sunny and so beautiful it takes your breath away and you forget all about the rain! Everyone is happy, smiling, soaking in as much sun as they can – why would you even consider moving from here?

Unfortunately the sun has yet to make an appearance and I am cold and wet and tired and cranky! I miss my beloved Australia! I miss long walks along the beach in Broadie, I miss Tuesday Tacos at Aztec with my girls, I miss chocolate waffles at Max Brenner, I miss coffees with chocolate powder at Elk, I miss Gold Class Cinemas! I miss the SUN and it’s warmth! So I am sitting at my desk with all the lamps pointing at me (in hopes of feeling some fake rays!), having some toast with Vegemite and listening to my Aussie playlist in between some Fifi & Jules podcasts.


Just had to have a little bit of a winge!

think brighthttp://media-cache-ec3.pinterest.com/550x/b0/55/55/b05555b1ab8dc07f6d705f1639b92c45.jpg

It could be so easy to just stay in my blah, grumpy mood but I choose not to! I am going to shake off these rainy day blahs! I decided that if I miss Australia today, that is OK, of course I miss it, who wouldn’t?! But I can be glad that I went and am able to miss it! I know what it is to miss those fun things because I experienced them! I can be thankful for that today. I can hold on to the hope of a sunny tomorrow (at least that’s what the weather man has promised!). I can go to Australia in my mind and “breathe in the salty air”, I can feel the rays on my skin (thanks to my lamp!), and I can eat my toast with Vegemite and listen to some Aussie accents through Fifi & Julesy! I can leave my blahs behind! At least for the moment!

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast of champions

Don’t let those rainy day blahs get you down! Revolt! Fight it, shake it out, dance it off – you can’t stay sad and blah when you’re dancing! I hope you are able to create your own sunshine today! I found mine in some good eats, some great tunes, some funny people and a lamp! 😉


PS, Here’s my latest playlist – it’s a mix from my trip to Australia featuring a lot of Aussie bands/artists, it’s pretty random but I love it!


PPS, Here is the link if you’re interested in listening to some Fifi & Jules. They are hilarious! I used to listen to them everyday in Aus, so now I download their podcasts onto my phone and have a listen whenever I need a laugh!



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